15 Minutes Crunches!! Sexy Bikini Models Ab Workout!!

Fitness Model Vicky Justiz shows you an intense crunch workout you can do at home to get a sexy stomach and look hot in your bikini. This workout takes about 15min and can be done at home or the gym. Give it a try!

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19 Responses

  1. Al X says:

    So much confidence and beauty . You are rocking that bikini .keep ip the good work.

  2. shane smith says:

    marry me please my god..

  3. Looks like someone dropped Hydroxycut into your drink. You got thinner, hope you add gains. Dont forget your hams.

  4. Steven Mata says:

    educational and instructive

  5. JackPackage says:

    Vicky, you are perfect. 

  6. CRAZYMONKEY says:

    Kee you are best model and fitness girl i ever seen! Good job

  7. Jovan N says:

    Thanks to this YouTube channel I've lost 3% body fat, gained 20 pounds from the muscle, and now I can bench a clean 180. Nothing more motivational than a model.

  8. DEPG says:

    love you Vicky! you are so perfect

  9. dang whata workout ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

  10. l33tshoe says:

    you could grate cheese on those abs

  11. Where is your bikini from? I love it! 

  12. Fiorella Lay says:

    Damn Vicky.. why you look so sexy…. I want my abs like yours .. one day one day! A girl can dream. .. I'm watching this while eating a piece of cake :)

  13. sabrom says:

    Lookin good Vicky and love your uploads.

  14. Mily Martell says:

    I'll have my body back soon. Oh yes… I will. Thanks for all the motivation, Vicky.

  15. Kronis Path says:

    yes do workout be healthy yes very good i am no here for sexual reason i am here to learn be fit healthy guy eat 5 a day lol am i right

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