2013 IFBB MS bikini fitness 158cm FINALE

Videoklip vznikol vďaka spolupráci portálu o fitness a kulturistike EastLabs a obchodu s doplnkami výživy ObchodRonnie.sk (predaj proteínov, kreatínov, gainerov, anabolizantov atď.)

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38 Responses

  1. Paul Metroka says:

    how does one find something wrong with beautiful, fit woman!

  2. Сука че за нах?! второй раз уже хохлушка нравится…

  3. Kim Cornell says:

    I love how the comments say this is sexism…. have you ever seen a men;s bodybuilding show? They wear far less than these ladies and even the trunks on men are more skimpy than for the ladies. They are both training their bodies for a great physique, so it's not sexism.

  4. They should write names of every competitor in this show.

  5. shinrips says:

    Work it,… work it!

  6. seems so weird that their so tanned lol

  7. Kirill Nast says:

    141 – реально лучшая! Но не по телу… (оно примерно у всех одинаково), а по очертаниям лица!

  8. blue man says:

    pani z numerem 135 to po prostu bustwo

  9. buen trabajo chicas…!! mis respetos.. mucha dedicación a este deporte.

  10. RAMB0IV says:

    I wonder what the judges look at. Fuckability, doggystylessimo, blowjobamio?

  11. Jan Mill says:

    DarK Green, has it…

  12. DIAVOLO1 says:

    142, whats her name ? ive seen her in various contest , i love that asian babe.

  13. Matt H says:

    Whys the blonde so add

  14. RedEye says:

    I can't choose..They are all hot and beautiful.

  15. Govan Basson says:

    I can't find the list of competitors names on the internet please help

  16. Haha nearly all of the winners are dark-haired once more. Brunettes are taking over the fitness branch today!

  17. cock suckers and partners bum lickers

  18. Nata Li says:

    все справедливо.

  19. Mc Donald sponsor ? buhahahah

  20. Ro Buen says:

    I know it !she own that stage ,all that hardwork #welldeserve 

  21. gary bullis says:

    136 and her twin and i'd die happy. suicide but happy, lol! 

  22. все честно, первое место-самая лучшая, самая пропорциональная без уродливо-огромного силикона, с самой красивой попой, все красиво, все в меру, супер девочка. Еще до решения судей она мне понравилась больше всех.

  23. those are real women no those models skinny pale that they look like vampire with no blood because they don't eat.Those bikini fitness women shuould be our clothing models

  24. SkazskaSky says:

    Люди, скажите что за музыка играет?
    What music is playing?

  25. Blondie needs to chill the fuck out.

  26. Juan Jonny says:

    se me hacen demasiado flacas

  27. I don`t really like them on stage, too skinny but they look soooo hot in the offseason.

  28. crayon851 says:

    anyone else find the irony in mcdonalds spnsoring this?

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