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20 Responses

  1. felicidades ..desde que te vi salir al escenario sabia que hibas a ganar ..!!saludos desde Ecuador

  2. lance406917 says:

    I'm trying to be positive here and find one thing natural on one of these girls and I cannot find one thing.

  3. Soo… this is fap music.

  4. merde  superbe les filles

  5. MZNO San says:

    O_O they upper body soo small. because they are girl?

  6. Sold, I will take them all.

  7. who is 174 ? the first lady who came out i wnt to follow her1

  8. Stan B says:

    Who is #178? Was she a dancer?

  9. Zelatur says:

    do they have to bend that ass so much? 2:03

  10. strong1235 says:

    Too many fake boobs distract from the muscle tone and beauty!

  11. sd26sd26 says:

    Светлана ,номер 1.

  12. they dont eat obviously 😀 too skinny for me :/

  13. wuaoo increible trabajo de las chicas!! mi motivación mis respetos

  14. whats her name??! No. 174?!!! Please

  15. what do they eat!!!! what's their workouts like!? i love them <3

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