I’m finally starting to feel like myself again after fighting an upper respiratory infection. I spend my first day back to life shooting for behind the scenes for work. Models showing off the clothes I picked out months ago? Yes please.

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48 Responses

  1. Ilovepizza says:

    I have no idea why I've only just seen this Lindsey but I love it! Loved the behind the scenes bikini shoot bit and loved the laughs back at Brian's. Lindsey you're such a cutie x

  2. Drrck11 says:

    Dang, what's with the negativity in the comments? Lindsey is a good person.

  3. Lindsey you've really fell off lmao haven't you just become full of your self

  4. you look so diffrent since breaking up with danny..

  5. Steven Ortiz says:

    Dude needs a hair cut or style, something fierce!!!

  6. taylorfoxx says:

    Tell Matt I said heeeeyyyy

  7. Melissa Mc says:

    What kinda sunglasses are they? They look cool:)

  8. edensdraw says:

    oh jesus fucking christ she goes to church. That explains it all, she's one of those crazy chicks.

  9. That's awesome you go to church. Are you Catholic? I am. I sing with my husband and family at one of the masses for our church!

  10. Ah you tried the ice cream!! Hope you liked it! There is literally no vegan ice cream in the UK!

  11. phynx2006 says:

    What if want to look at Mr. King, okay, we'll settle for Sam in a Bikini

  12. BRAWLS VLOGS says:

    hey MATTTTT 😍😍😍

  13. hahaha "we're all hot" and I loved your facial reactions to everything going on at Brian's house haha so funny

  14. Darby Shultz says:

    I'm so glad the negativity is finally leaving the comments. Love you Lindsey!

  15. Glad you're feeling better! The locations you chose for the photo shoot were so beautiful! =)

  16. Grant Dunn says:

    Matt looks like Bobby Brady from the Brady Bunch :)

  17. Lindsey xD just tell Brian to cut his hair pls

  18. Dlowz says:

    you went to the doctor for a cold?

  19. xosammmox says:

    You're around guys like Matt and you date a 70s porn star

  20. caseyfewst says:

    I love watching your vlogs 😄

  21. I like how chill Matt was with the camera, seems really nice. Also the behind the scenes photo shoot was cool too!

  22. I didn't know you go to church, awesome

  23. Lisa Lynn says:

    thought you gave up bread for lent….pizza crust

  24. Holy crap – you vlogged, edited and uploaded TODAY…today! Go girl! Behind the scenes of the shoot was great. That upper respiratory goo is lingering around everyone who catches it lately. Glad you're feeling better!

  25. srok62 says:

    I LOVE your cousin's restaurant!!!

  26. CarGuyz says:

    supah fly for a white guy

  27. KSpeed23 says:

    God I love you! Hahahaha you are like my Florida soul sister

  28. well this was good not you telling us what you will do and going to do you actually shows us what you did and stuff amazing, but it feels like you don't really have time to du vlogs if you not working yu slipping or hanging out in the weird guy house lol

  29. Traci Col says:

    well hey there Matt (;

  30. Kimber B says:

    So glad your feeling better! Loved seeing the can tell when someone loves their job.

  31. Lisa Kay says:

    I'll look at Matt!😉 Can you vlogg more of him? Lol

  32. ClayCrazay says:

    Coconut cookie dough… where has that been my whole life!?

  33. rybo510 says:

    Such great comments. So positive. I am sure Lindsey appreciates it!

  34. love this vlog thanks:))

  35. Lindsey I'm so glad you still do YouTube! I love your videos and look forward to them! I know after last year you could have just quit YouTube all together but I'm so glad you didn't! Stay beautiful 😋🌺

  36. Great vlog Linds!! Glad you are feeling better. Make sure you drink lots of water so you stay hydrated!! I'm watching the Oscars too!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3

  37. piperlynne1 says:

    You've been getting sick lots. I think you need to take a long holiday and take it easy.
    I love the new line of clothes and bathing suits.

  38. Saldanga007 says:

    You are beautiful Lindsey 😎

  39. Grimm Ace says:

    Pizza eh? I had the Sasquatch pizza the other day. Thing packed a whallop, it's 3 lbs. Has a bigfoot on the box, I fell for it immediately

  40. Glad your going to church!

  41. I am glad you are feeling better! I loved the behind the scenes of the photo shoot!

  42. bigjay322 says:

    glad ur feeling better. love the vlogs

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