Big Butt Bikini Models Home Booty Workout!

This workout is to help her build a big round butt and sexy thick athletic thighs from home. She’s a bikini model in Miami Beach and having a big bottom is important. She also does weight lifting in the gym.
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18 Responses

  1. I wanna know how they keep their skin looking so smoth and even toned on their but and legs

  2. war0991 says:

    wow !! very very HOT girl !! and hot clothes too !!

  3. Young Carter says:

    My god !!!!! Fukk meeeeeeeee

  4. AAA ANFANTE says:

    Gaby sube un video de flexibilidad porfa

  5. AAA ANFANTE says:

    preciosa sube muchos videos tuyos

  6. We've been hoping Gabriella would do a workout in shorts – and here it is.  YES!  Now – what's her last name? 

  7. Drenn23 says:

    Women with these type of bodies I love…not much of a fan of those chics with extra big booties and stuff

  8. paksallion says:

    Is she on instagram. Holy jeeebus ♥

  9. Thomas Omar says:

    I know you work out hard at the gym is very beautiful

  10. stpfan44 says:

    The hell happened to karen kennedy?

  11. rshadio says:

    the best of the best right here…natural stallion

  12. Steven Mata says:

    i find this workout very beneficial with a well balanced diet plenty of fluids and a good nights rest

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