Dirt Shark – 2015 Monster Girl Bikini BTS Shoot

See the hottest Monster Girls in Bikinis on the beautiful beaches of Southern California.

Music- Rebelution – “So high”

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40 Responses

  1. ThomasSFH says:

    Wauw did 291 Gay guys really see this video?

  2. Osmel Pino says:


  3. sigsagsug1 says:

    Does anybody know some brands of these hot bikinis? My girlfriend is looking for one of these "string" bikins. THX

  4. Criss Fresno says:

    This video is really Monster ! 😛

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  6. this is how it starts. then before you know it I'm in the bathroom watching porn…

  7. The only thing they do in this life is fuck a guy with money that's sad .thank god its me

  8. Another great video,the music fits like a glove.Long live to these Monster beauties…

  9. Bob Loblaw says:

    I only care about their personalities.

  10. An Dre says:

    Nice girls, i know. We all clicked bc of them bootys but honestly.. that's a fkn amazing place too, isn't it?

  11. Alex hall says:

    I FUCKIN LOVE that your using REBELUTION's SO HIGH as the theme music in this edit, leave it to dirt shark to produce the most badass, sharkiest, steeezy fuckin videos ever made, DIRT SHARK IS THE NEW CRUSTY DEMONS

  12. KOCK'S TV says:

    oohhhhhh yaaaaa sexy BABELS!!!

  13. Arsuuuuu says:

    Terrible culo ! With this ass i invite u to poop en mi casa :,)

  14. posto meraviglioso con tanta bella gente!!!

  15. Great video and editing – like all the different spots hit to shoot this…and the girls of course too!

  16. These are the only reasons I miss So.Cal "So" much; Warm Sun!, Soft Sand! & Women My Eye's Have Had A Gift To Behold!:…

  17. Nice Fish………………….of course the Asses aren't bad either…………………..

  18. Derek Robb says:

    0:26 can you find a better screensaver

  19. dub2459 says:

    This calls for a slow rub on the knob…

  20. Jose A says:

    and you thought New York City was the greatest city in the world. AHAHAHHAHAHA ( Eric Cartman laughter) more like overrated and over crowded. and I live 15 men's away from NYC. that statement is reserved for The Wall Street bankers that are vacationing in places indicated in this video

  21. baricade47 says:

    San Diego!!!!!! I love my city!

  22. Jesus Christ, hallelujah, I'm born again atheist after these gorgeous asses

  23. ki az a buzi akinek ez nem tetszik?? :D

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