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My newest video ➜➜ Sephora Haul!
➜➜ 1 YEAR AGO: Twitter Party!
➜➜ 2 YEARS AGO: Busted!
➜➜ 3 YEARS AGO: Yucky Lemon!
➜➜ Have you seen YESTERDAY’S vlog? Stalking Kylie!




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Welcome to the Schuerman Family 🙂 We are Sam & Jay Schuerman and we film our life everyday. We have 2 children, Phoenix who is 4 and Lily who is 2. We also have our little poodle Moo, 3 funny little kitties and we just moved back to Lake Tahoe, CA to raise our family in the best place on Earth. We would love if you would SUBSCRIBE and join our happy little family! Come watch us everyday at 5pm PST! Enjoy! xx

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27 Responses


  2. Tracy Page says:

    You look so amazing!!! Your body is beautiful!!

  3. You're right us women do that but there is no reason for you to feel bad about yourself! You look AMAZING I've thought that for what almost 6 years now? 🙂 you go girl

  4. MissCharmsie says:

    We really are our own worst critics, after your talk before the shoot I was like aww great for you just own it nobody, you've have 2 kids etc…and then I see you in your swimsuit lol GIRL!! your body is smokin!!!! I hope you realize that, and if you didn't before hopefully after all the feedback you do now ! So Gorge!!

  5. You've got an incredible me body! Omg! You look amazing after two babies!!

  6. Stacey B. says:

    I love how your siblings always call you Samantha ❤️

  7. Such great body!!! and you had two kids ??? says what??? you look fabulous and don't you forget that. Im very jealous

  8. Loni Smith says:

    No body shaming here. Youre a 10++++!!!!!!!

  9. Girl you are stunning!! You have nothing to complain about

  10. I want a swimsuit like that!

  11. Oh my gosh my dogs jumped out from underneath their blankis when your baby was chewing her new toy. How sweet. The kitties like them better. Too funny. Thank you for inviting to the party. I want your dinner. Mmmmm.

  12. You are fabulous. I used to look like that but never knew it. Now that I'm older I wish I would have had some confidence. Be proud sweetheart you are beautiful.

  13. You look AMAZING!!! So proud of you!

  14. Haha if my body looked like that I'd wear a bikini in the snow just because. Lol

  15. Your body is looking great!

  16. You have had two kids and you look like that! Omg your so beautiful

  17. you look gorgeous sam! def better than a model♡

  18. you look gorgeous sam! def better than a model♡

  19. m.s. mary says:

    Happy Birthday Moo<3 You look really nice in you bikini Sam, It reminds me of Minnesota where I grew up–very refreshing I remember.

  20. Linda James says:

    You look sooooo sexy Sam!!!,a lot of Mom's would die for a body like your's!!!!
    Rock it girlfriend!!!! Those toy's and treat's you got mooshy moo are so cute!!!
    Love you sweet family xoxo 🙂
    Texas Lady

  21. i'm so glad you have a real, regular body and aren't photoshopped!

  22. You are so amazing, gorgeous and perf body! I do appreciate your usual modesty too. So down to earth. XOXO L

  23. xoaf24 says:

    I love the car vlogging! You guys are doing it a lot more now and I'm loving watching it!

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