EVALESS Womens Color Block Body Wrap Halter Neck Bikini Bra Set Swimsuit

Size Chart:
Note: 1cm=0.39 inches
Small (US 2-4):Front Width:72cm-adjustable. Under Bust Girth:60cm-adjustable. Waist:64-86cm. Bottoms:44-64cm. Outseam:21-26cm .
Medium (US 4-6):Front Width:78cm-adjustable. Under Bust Girth:64cm-adjustable. Waist:74-100cm. Bottoms:48-70cm. Outseam:23-27cm .
Large (US 6-8):Front Width:82cm-adjustable. Under Bust Girth:68cm-adjustable. Waist:74-100cm. Bottoms:52-72cm. Outseam:24-28cm .
Small (US 2-4):Front Width:74cm-adjustable. Under Bust Girth:64cm-adjustable. Waist:66-82cm. Bottoms:50-70cm. Outseam:25-27cm .
Medium (US 4-6):Front Width:77cm-adjustable. Under Bust Girth:66cm-adjustable. Waist:68-84cm. Bottoms:53-75cm. Outseam:26-28cm .
Large (US 6-8):Front Width:80cm-adjustable. Under Bust Girth:68cm-adjustable. Waist:70-86cm. Bottoms:56-80cm. Outseam:27-30cm .
Small (US 2-4):Front Width:72cm-adjustable. Under Bust Girth:66cm-adjustable. Waist:72-92cm. Bottoms:56-80cm. Outseam:24-28cm .
Medium (US 4-6):Front Width:76cm-adjustable. Under Bust Girth:70cm-adjustable. Waist:76-96cm. Bottoms:58-82cm. Outseam:25-29cm .
Large (US 6-8):Front Width:78cm-adjustable. Under Bust Girth:72cm-adjustable. Waist:78-100cm. Bottoms:62-86cm. Outseam:26-31cm .
Package Includes: 1 X Pant, 1 X Top
Other accessories are not included
Notes: color differences allowed for light effects.
EVALESS own it’s Trademark
Made of soft stretch fabric with adjustable straps, comfortable to wear
Various sizes are available for different demands
Package Contents: 1 X Set
Plz check the detail sizes on the description below
Keywords: bikini

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