IFBB Bikini Fitness Athlete Jeanette Elstad

Norwegian IFBB Bikini Fitness Athlete Jeanette Elstad prepares for the 2013 World Women’s Championships in Kiev, Ukraine.


Norwegian w/English subtitles

Cinematographer: Kristian Myklevold
Editor: Lars Christian N. Pedersen (NFK)
Light: Benjamin Overskott
Makeup: Elisabeth Haugan

Written and directed by Robert Rønning

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21 Responses

  1. Memet Sabir says:

    en sånt fru ska man ha, då man lever upp till 150 år minst

  2. Adam wilson says:

    I'd give her the most disappointing 30 seconds of her life…. who am I kidding. 20 seconds…. maybe, on a good day.

  3. swati tiwari says:

    Do we suppose to eat something before workout ..???please reply

  4. Ugh… metal spoon on a non-stick pan?? She's definetly not wife material.

  5. this is a real gırl……ıf ı have gırl frıend lıke thıs…ı can cut my self ten mıllıon tımes….couse ı cant belive is she real….

  6. sit down when you eat! standing = stressing your body to escape

  7. paul fischer says:

    stained ur body with ink
    got gross piercings
    don't raise a sweet
    muscle tone shit
    body fat high
    all ok

  8. errol says:

    great body ,and you are also beautiful,,

  9. bien q una mujer este en forma seve mas saludable  linda y hermosa

  10. Bro awesome channel! I'm gonna go knock out a lift after looking at that…Thanks for the motivation. Check out my channel and subscribe to help reach your fitness goals!

  11. Bra jobba. keep up the good work :)

  12. Dashama says:

    Loved your video!

    Blessings and Love,

  13. Massy Biagio says:

    I Love this girl. She eats 8 times for day, as me, but i'm 120 kg, she is 70, I think……

  14. 8ftbed says:

    Goooo… Fek! Stupid piercings. 

  15. Nice video; really motivating and inspiring for those who need to learn the meaning of professionalism and passion in something.
    Thanks for having shared it.

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