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  1. Nick Elgar says:

    Keep up the great work, I forgot a subscribed to your channel. It's getting better and better and it was no way bad in the first place! :-)

  2. Nick Elgar says:

    Surprised people are so 'anti-muscle' on women still. Women with free-drug muscle are very attractive!!

    The type of 'muscle woman' you are thinking of probably has injected more testosterone then a standard male body can produce.

    Women you use pro-hormones are still attractive but the masculine features of the body become more pronouced. In other words, pro-hormone women are attractive lady-men lol.

  3. J. Swanger says:

    Thanks for such amazing honesty. :)

  4. BlackHedrak says:

    5:55 she looks horrible. Seriously, fake tan, 0 feminity

  5. please be my trainer
    you're so awesome and Amazing 😖😁😁😁

  6. Great story of your journey Meg! I have just started my fitness journey with my wife, who is the best partner. Being in my 30s now it was really easy to just say "well this is life now". Thanks for you story and inspiration. You have a new sub for sure.

  7. Kab says:

    Leanna Carr is a pretty awesome lady powerlifter

  8. Jazmine Garcia is another female powerlifter. shes amazing and i love her so much

  9. Your story is very inspiring, and although I follow you on Instagram, I just took a look at your channel and I love what you do! I know this was last year and I've seen them gains lately so keep it up you inspire me so much Meg! 🤘🏽🏋🏽

  10. harley30074 says:

    Julia vins 19yo female powerlifter from Russia check her out

  11. Agent. K. says:

    Do you know Katie Anne? she's a powerlifter too.

  12. emma kennedy says:

    Check out Geo Antionette on YouTube

  13. u look so good , can u plz make a video that u talk about the difference between bodybuildern powerlifter ? (every single person i ask dosent know ) thanks :* awesome video <3

  14. Boxed Goods says:

    So glad I found your channel. You are a bad ass lady!

  15. it's crazy how your body weight can fluctuate. Your crossfit physique was awesome

  16. I love your channel! I am inspired by you in such a great way! I used to powerlift and I LOVED it!!!!!! I was too intimidated to compete unfortunately… But the group I trained with stopped training and I became a NARP shortly after for 2 1/2 long years!!! Lol but now I am getting back on track! I feel like I've lost a huge part of myself by not training hard. I have a channel that I am now going to document my fitness journey back to Beastmode! I literally just my journey back.
    Thank you for being awesome! I watch your videos and it really refuels my passion for lifting!! I can't wait to get as strong as I used to be! Thank you!

  17. her thighs saved my life, bae goals

  18. You are so pretty my motivation to keep lifting heavy hopefully one day I lift as Much as you

  19. Hawk warrior says:

    looks like Megan Fox. sounds like Olivia Nunn. beautiful strong woman

  20. IamSNIP3R says:

    yoyoyooyo you anazing just the way you are

  21. Katey Black says:

    Hi meg! I know this is months after you posted this, but I just started posting videos in the powerlifting gym I work out in. I've got some PR videos but I also have some vlog style ones too. You asked if there were any lady powerlifters out there, and I wanted to say hi! I just started filming, so I don't have a lot (and they aren't too great), but I hope you enjoy them. okaythatsallbyeeee.

  22. I am a female powerlifer!!! I just started powerlifting 8 weeks ago and I love it!!! I am also a former competitor…I did figure and physique for 3 years.

    Here is my PR from tonight in bench! 204lbs!!

  23. Karina B says:

    There are many who lift heavy! I just think that they don't tend to be too social media savvy. It's nice finding all these female fitness athletes who do videos like you though 🙂 I enjoy lifting, my goal is strength more than looks, but I don't think I would ever put in the work for videos and such.

  24. I had no idea you did CrossFit either!!

  25. Love your videos girl! You are amazing! xx

  26. Would you ever do a Crossfit competition just for the heck of it? Just train for it for a few months, and see how you do. I'm sure you'd be really good considering how strong you got with powerlifting.

  27. Robin Gallant is a female powerlifter on youtube

  28. You are amazing! I appreciate your story! I had a similar situation with my journey to fitness and doing a physique competition. Everything you said in your video, I was literally nodding and saying, "Me too!!" It's so nice to see other strong women sharing their struggles and their journey and the real ups and downs of what the fitness community is about. I loved what you said about, "having a hot body is not what life should be about all the time, and that sometimes it needs to take a back seat." So true! Way to go on pursuing your dreams And being transparent with the world! You rock!! ❤️ love from Boise, ID!

  29. softminimal1 says:

    Why bikini show and not Crossfit games?
    For me personally Crossfit has huge cred, while a bikini show is just prancing air heads in swimming costumes.

  30. James Darden says:

    Good little piece you put together. I'm sure it will speak to a lot of your followers. I just recently started following you on IG after stumbling across your YouTube channel. I've been in the lifting world for the better part of 30 years. I powerlifted a little as a Naval Academy student. I transferred to Colorado State but didn't pick up a bar until after graduation. From then it was just bodybuilding style. I competed for a couple years and it was the hardest thing I had ever done. The discipline it takes to maintain the diet for a 4 to 5 month period was grueling. So I get where you're coming from when you talk about your NPC Bikini period. You have to really enjoy it to even deal with the sucky part of cutting. It sounds like if you had just made the transition from CrossFit to powerlifting you would have been fine. It's too bad you had those mental struggles coming off the bikini comp that negatively affected your crossfit training though. I think we all have those struggles of feeling we're moving too slow, the movements feel weird or whatever. It's just coming to terms that we're not alone and that just moving is getting the job done. But you tapped into powerlifting and found something you enjoy without all the drama. I love talking to women who discover working with barbells and asking them how they got there. Most never even conceived of doing what they're now doing. Like Olympic lifting, CrossFit or Powerlifting. The world needs more who have the guts to swim upstream and say "the hell with how society thinks I should look. I like doing this and will keep doing it."

    Did you ever figure out what was triggering the occasional food binge cycles? It looks like discovering powerlifting has pretty much eliminated that. Especially since it's not driven by body image. You said you enjoy food and this sport lends itself to allow you those vices and not feel like you're betraying your training. The only time you might deny yourself something is when prepping for a meet but even that isn't very drastic. So there's less of a tendency to sneak food like when doing a bikini show. I remember sneaking chocolate dipped peanuts from the self-serve bin at the grocery store when I was dieting. My trainer claimed he smelled chocolate on me one night when he was the weekly skin fold check. It must have been coming out of my pores since I was eating so clean for over 12 weeks. I told him I didn't know what he was talking about….lol.

    Keep doing what you're doing and more women will join your ranks. Maybe if you're ever back in the SoCal area, you can hang out with our powerlifting team. I'm sure the girls on our team would love to train with you.

  31. Megsquats, you da real MVP.

  32. Hi Meg. The first photo in the video with the day 1 and day 30. Can u explain what exercises u did to get the six pack? Im struggling with finding the right exercises and the ones that are effective. What could u recommend?

  33. Daniel Reed says:

    Your face is so beautifull!!!!

  34. isn't geo a powerlifter?

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