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  1. Power Boy says:

    everywhere silikon tits)) poor Starodubtseva got nothing(

  2. 5pouria5 says:

    Arnold does not give a shit about the bikini models 

  3. Kevin Condna says:

    I'd love to place each of them in my bed

  4. Michael Dent says:

    Janet Layug is 1 of the sweetest girls to be around. She placed 8th. at last year's event. This year she finished I believe in 4th. place. So her confidence level & poise have skyrocketed to new heights. I'm so very proud of her! Watch out she just may win this thing next year. I want to say congratulations to Ashley from Akron, Ohio! She won this bikini competition 2 years in a row! You know you've made it when good stage presence & that's what Ash has going for her. Plus she's an Ohioan, so that alone gets her Brownie points in my book! Everyone should be proud of their showing her at 2015 Arnold International Bikini Classic! Gr8 showing ladies! 😍😉👏👙 

  5. Top three not only amazingly fit but also gorgeous.
    2nd place finisher would have been my choice to win.

  6. Victor Leigh says:

    5th place finisher jumps to 1st or 2nd if she changes her bikini bottom to the style of 1st and 2nd place finishers. Also by pulling the sides up a little higher she adds length to he legs.  Just a thought after watching this. The scoring had to be extremly close 1 through 5.  2nd place finisher's breast size may have hurt her. This was an amazing group of beautiful women. All of these women including the ones that didn't place are raising the bar on bikini competitions.Congrats to all. Ladies aspire for this level of visual appearance.

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