Bikini Styles Warm AB Workout from Household!!!

Heres a speedy ab work out you can do from household consisting of 8 stomach workout routines to help you get a hot belly. Workout routines: Crunches, In and out hop planks, hip raises, sit-ups, leg increase, ration planks, leg elevate to rotation plank, hopping v plank. Give it a test!
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36 Responses

  1. Metalingii2 says:

    Do these workouts also work for men or are they specifically for women?

  2. Adrian Mihai says:

    This is how a woman's body should look like!

  3. as an athlete and personal trainer who also loves the gym, i just wana say you have the best physique ive ever seen flawless and wonder woman like!! i only wish more girls were like you physically/mentally and hope my future girlfriend looks like you. i would of loved to train with you.

  4. My abs are getting toned thanks to the workouts from Vicky on this channel! I hope to have a perf body like hers one day.

  5. Annie Hanson says:

    I feel like I am the only girl who watches these videos, haha.

  6. Vicky, i understand that you are TRI-Lingual, Russian, Cuban,and American , i think that you should definitely include some Russian and Spanish in your instruction s, you owe it to all your fans….Viva de JUSTIZ!!

  7. paksallion says:

    Shes literally perfect.. insane body physically n aesthetically

  8. Abe Ibby says:

    Nice gluteus maximus, quadriceps and pectoralis major…

  9. Abe Ibby says:

    I think I have just seen heaven

  10. I see not one thing wrong with this young lady, my goodness Vicky!

  11. I love your tan vicky , plus your really hot.

  12. skriabinfly says:

    I believe in truth, Vicky Justiz, and the american way.

  13. โ™ฅ the workout YT video ใƒ„

  14. KASSY LEE says:

    Pretty, sexy and fit! Thumbs up ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Vicky I dont think you have to introduce yourself anymore ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. PS: Vicky I love your workout videos! Thanks for being realistic and inspirational. I love that your videos are cut-to-the chase, no fillers, just the information we expect to gain when we click on one of your videos. Keep it up! I love your workouts! My abs have never been more sore and my bikini's have never looked better on me:)

  17. Why are all these guys commenting on V's videos all nasty?! And, why even bother trying to holla at her via youtube comments?! Grooooooooddddyyyyy. This is bikini model fitness, not let's be disgusting and harass her! Nobody wants to hear about you beating off to this sweet girl. Nobody wants to hear about your hard on. Nobody cares about what perverse thoughts you have about V in her bikini. Go watch some porn and beat off to that, not my favorite youtube channel! EWE!

  18. MrEdium says:

    "THE GORGEOUS ONE". i have found the perfect woman she is "THE GORGEOUS ONE" WITH THE KILLER WORKOUTS.

  19. why are you so tired? more than usual ๐Ÿ™

  20. Evan T says:

    Sigh…that radiant smile, that golden brown skin, perfect body…wow!

  21. Nandine2 says:

    viki is an amazing instructor, and she's got a beautiful body.

  22. Vicky, when are you going to get own your T.V show? Kids will love you , women will want to be you, men will want to marry you , and parents will want to adopt you! They can't all be wrong….. What the world needs now is more "JUSTIZ" !!!

  23. ..Thats it! i'm marrying Vicky.. she's just too damn sweet.

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