Team Long Athlete CHRISTINE NOBLES 2013 Dexter Jackson NPC Bikini Competitor

Christine is a member of Team Long, if you would like to sponsor her, please contact us or find her on Facebook

2013 Dexter Jackson NPC Bikini Competition in Jacksonville FL

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30 Responses

  1. butterface jeez, daughters of rich crony commnists who use racism but claim whites are racist

  2. butterface jeez, daughters of rich crony commnists who use racism but claim whites are racist

  3. trannies are more feminie than these girls, what are these girls missing? I cant put my finger on it…lips? longer hair? nails? too much mass?

  4. lipo roids fake cheek implant, teeeth tits lookin good!!

  5. american italians so on the juice its like part of the culture

  6. Mrs. AS says:

    its After the Children & Marriage….Its then about Updating Your 360…For your inner self first & with your Mates Blessings…esp After 40….If your single after raising children or not..Your 360 needs to be define with self images and appearance that You Love first…..Love Yourself at this point ..Rest will Follow….

  7. Mrs. AS says:

    hat about 40 plus ?

  8. Mrs. AS says:

    Do they have Divisions?

  9. Birgir Bills says:

    The way they smile… It is so unnatural and kinda freaky

    la amitié india

  11. the two blondes and the brunette at the end are the best butts

  12. Martin Hoch says:

    The blond with the red bikini is really cute, and the blond in the green has the best butt of all the girls.

  13. Reub Pru says:

    10 is a 10!
    No butts, if and and's about it!

  14. The blond chick with the long hair looked the best

  15. wow, really faboulous video, nice work, bro! I really liked your video

  16. Wow, nearly all brunettes, that proves brunettes are fitter than blondes!

  17. Krystle S says:

    There all beautiful!!!

  18. nash7117 says:

    I cant understand women with muscles do u know 45% women they cant have baby's because of the gym supplements 

  19. Jerz Chula says:

    So nervous now. But Soon soon

  20. skippymaroo says:

    I love the empowerment of women .. – I wonder how many of these ladies have a Ba .. ? and what in ..

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