Trinidad And Tobago Whole BTS Bikini Manner Photoshoot

Trinidad And Tobago Whole BTS Bikini Manner Photoshoot

See the website for a lot more details and entire Res visuals:

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17 Responses

  1. walo Thoenen says:

    well done, thx 4 sharing !

  2. Love your work great thanks

  3. Hi Ernesto, is the 85 your prefered lens?

  4. Todd Blosser says:

    Just wanted to say great job on the videos! Question when you get models do you get them from the websites or friends. It seems like your doing a lot of extra work explaining the poses. I say this because you have a calm manner in the way you speak with them. Keep up the great work.

  5. minh nguyen says:

    Strobist good, you are control lightenning so perfect

  6. I really like your photography, I find it very honest and simple. Often times photographers are a bit too preachy and boast about the equipment as if they are paid by the equipment company. Please keep you approach, it's refreshing.

  7. Great work………When is the next workshop. Want to go to one of them…….

  8. Ted Nicholas says:

    Great Work…It was nice to see home as well as your session. Look forward to a post production tutorial in the future.

  9. Great shoot! You make the most helpful BTS videos on the Web!

  10. Thanks for pointing me to this video. I'm learning alot! What was the modifier you were using on the external flash at around the 14:30 min mark?

  11. Good video. Were you using manual Flash or TTL?

  12. Hey Ernesto, great video… What trigger are you using?

  13. Amazing photo shoot beautiful model amazing lighting and very artistic and creative keep up the amazing work

  14. Ernesto, Man I really love this BTS….
    It was really REAL for me and LOVED seeing the quirks in a session….I was rolling…"Let me show you" Sooo REAL!!
    Beautiful model and she did good for her first time….

    Keep it up and stay encouraged!!! Great Work!

  15. Yaaasssss! See, perfecting that claw can be a doozie.

  16. Mario Guzman says:

    Mega like Ernesto, Excellent

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