Powering the scenes of a vegan bikini masters competitor – Crissi Carvalho

Vegan Physical fitness Design Crissi Carvahlo’s IFBB Bikini masters competitiveness day twenty eighth February 2016, abide by me for a day of at the rear of the scenes my competitiveness.

I experienced four months to prep for the IFBB Gold Coast Classicsm which is the qualifier for Arnold Classic’s in Melbourne on 18th March 2016…which I later took out the Arnold Classics Bikini Masters 1st Put!!

Demonstrating what a forty two 12 months old can reach as a Vegan Hello Carb Bikini competitor in a world of substantial protein animal usage and extreme supplementation.

ABOUT ME: Competing for me is my way of life, I appreciate it! Thou, i do dislike the faux tan, faux nails, faux hair, the heavy make-up, my thin confront…but its all portion of it…to great great on phase!

I am an all organic athlete, NO nutritional supplements, no botox, no fillers, i am treatment free, sickness free…and wholesome!

More of my journey, my clientele and much more at the rear of the scenes coming in 2016 to encourage you all!

Be aware: This is my initially at any time movie, sorry about the um’s, the so’s, the shyness…I experienced a lil stress and anxiety and nerves pre-phase on the day! 🙂

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37 Responses

  1. Elle Essence says:

    go girl! you're a huge inspiration!

  2. Poe Bird says:

    Would you do a series of videos on what you eat. I was on high carb low fat vegan diet but I didn't lose anything but gained a few….

  3. Right now I weight over 300 pounds. I want to look like that one day.

  4. David San says:

    i got to you from sunnyknows.
    a female bodybuilder who changed their diet,
    2 years on a vegan diet. now eggs added. 🙁

    she did not have enough protein and fat ^^
    kinda crazy but rather sad.

  5. evilyn l says:

    i've been following you for some time, and i'm so happy you're on youtube now, crissi! congratulations on a very well-deserved win. you rock! i checked out your website and i'm really curious about your plans. do your plans require calorie counting and macro tracking?

  6. Cat Catt says:

    U look amazing! Congrats

  7. So glad I found this channel, I have just turned vegan and love to lift x

  8. Erika Smith says:

    +Vegan Fitness Model As a fellow 43 yo mom I am SO excited to see more videos from you! I plan to find you on FB as well, but THIS platform is a huge "go to" for information! I love your message – definitely following!

  9. helicart says:

    Hiya Crissie. You could do soooo well on the internet. Interest in veganism is a rocket at the moment. Sooo many girls in Western countries are looking to slim down and they are not getting the best advice from current utube vegan personalities. IMHO, the world needs someone such as yourself to present a more grounded and science based program, and general healthy lifestyle advice. I am a physiotherapist/physiologist in Brisbane and have known the science for decades regarding maintaining low bodyfat and adequate lean tissue, and optimizing one's potential. If you ever want to discuss how to optimize social media, get in touch. I will be in the US and Germany for May and June. BTW I heard about your vegan gym plans at Burleigh Heads. Brilliant idea and God speed filling it up!

  10. Massive congratulations!! I am so inspired.. really looking forward to seeing more on this channel. I've been plant based for a year and a half with my daughter, we are 44 yrs and 14 yrs. I love to lift, run and cycle, excited to glean info/ tips from someone with your experience. You look so amazing!!! :)

  11. Jody Ramsay says:

    I'm looking for a meal plan. is this something you do?

  12. Make some training and eating videos pleases 

  13. wordreet says:

    Now come on girl!! You're clearly lying about your age. 30 I'd believe, 25 also. But 40??
    Hahaha! I'm kidding, you and Freelee could be twin sisters age wise. You're both wonderful examples of what the vegan lifestyle can achieve. Young girls should be inspired. :¬)

  14. Dee Smith says:

    Wow, u r 1 amazing woman…& ur Aussie!!!🙌💪 Is ur tan & makeup vegan/cruelty free too?💋💞✌

  15. Great fist video. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more vegan awesomeness and showing the competition how it's done… lol. :-)

  16. So excited you're on YouTube, Crissy!! Looking forward to future videos💕💪

  17. Absolutely loved your first video Crissi! It's nice to get to know you a little more. You are truly an amazing and very inspiring woman…I can't wait to see more of your videos! I'm entering my first competition this very weekend and it's been so incredibly motivating watching your success as a vegan athlete on the stage too along my own journey. You are in amazing shape! Much love to you and good luck with your next challenge! – Georgie :-)

  18. Congrats! You're the best! I'm sharing your vid right now! I want to bring down all the nonsense excuses about the importance of animal protein intake.

  19. Shane Ⓥ says:

    Fantastic video, Crissi. Well done again, just awesome! Much respect! :)

  20. Great first video!! I've just started doing some YouTube videos myself and it's hard but you're definitely a natural 😊. Do you think you could get the same physique eating a high raw diet? I've actually already bought one of your Ebooks but I don't eat much cooked food at the moment. I'd love to get even fitter on top of my 51kg weight loss. Again, congrats and awesome job!

  21. Awesome!!! More videos please! So motivAting, thank you. :)

  22. Emilia Nunez says:

    And please do more videos!

  23. Emilia Nunez says:

    You are an inspiration for me! Hoping I can get to look like you someday! I'm following your nutrition plans! Thanks!!

  24. awesome work and dedication crissi! Love what you do, can wait to follow your fitness this year!!! I do have one question, what makeup do you wear for your comps? looking to try a new make-up brand :)

  25. Congrats! I hope you continue to post videos.

  26. Congrats on the win! Keep grinding!

  27. Megan Kerr says:

    Yay!! Go Crissi! Doing it for the vegans!

  28. Shawnafied says:

    Love it Crissi! I'm so excited you started a channel!

  29. great fist video..you should talk about your clothing and coaching on here to.

  30. R Coop says:

    Thank you for posting this! Im 6 days vegan… lol I completed for npc last yr, regrouping and planning improvements for the next 2 yrs, then want to compete in masters at 35. Looking forward to more videos from you.

  31. You're so inspiring, saw you at the Arnold's and been following you on social media since. I've been vegan since december so I love finding vegan competitors and fitness models I can learn from! X

  32. nave82 says:

    Wicked first vid! Vegan power all the way!!

  33. Life of Rip says:

    proud of you, keep the fire rolling

  34. mybodyzen says:

    Yass!! 👏🏼 Congrats on the win girl – you rock!! 💚👍🏼

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