HOW TO Meal PREP LIKE A Health Model / BIKINI COMPETITOR | Entire meal strategy with calories and macros!

This meal strategy is 1665 calories for every day which functions out at 119g carbs, 53g body fat and 182g protein.

Don’t forget that this is a generic meal strategy which I arrived up with to accommodate my human body and so it may not accommodate anyone.

Let me know if you would like a movie about how to estimate your individual individual macronutrients and calories for your plans!

❤ Meal one (312 Energy – twenty five CARBS – 12 Extra fat – 26 PROTEIN) ❤

one/3 cup or 30g oats
one tsp peanut butter
4 egg whites

❤ Meal two (229 Energy – 17 CARBS – nine Extra fat – 24 PROTEIN) ❤

95g tinned tuna
40g avocado
two rice cakes

❤ Meal 3 (274 Energy – eight CARBS – nine Extra fat – 35 PROTEIN) ❤

110g rooster breast
15g cashew nuts
100g cauliflower rice

❤ Meal 4 (300 Energy – twenty five CARBS – nine Extra fat – 31 PROTEIN) ❤

110g rooster breast
25g shredded light-weight cheese
100g sweet potato

❤ Meal five (351 Energy – 37 CARBS – 12 Extra fat – 28 PROTEIN) ❤

120g banana
40g protein powder
one tsp peanut butter

❤ Meal 6 (199 Energy – 6 CARBS – 3 Extra fat – 39 PROTEIN) ❤

140g fish
100g spinach
one serve of sugar cost-free jelly


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32 Responses

  1. TheNicoliyah says:

    Lol I Remember the jelly song!

  2. carlsote says:

    Like 👍 Love Love thank you video

  3. i know the song but i cant remember where from

  4. Hello Kitty says:

    LOL @ "don't get your knickers in a twist…"

  5. This is such a great video! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  6. I love your accent. It makes me miss Scotland so much. 🙁
    Please do more vegetarian meal prep, and fitness programme- I find it so inspiring. :)

  7. When I started learning English at the age of 5, we used to begin with nursery rhymes, and that is where I have learnt the Jelly song 😀 So yeah, I knew it.

  8. thank you for the meal prep recipes

  9. Beth Clewes says:

    to use up the egg yolks u clould sprinkle them over a salad x

  10. I want to be just like you.
    I need to keep watching your videos. You make clean eating look so fun 🙂 thank u

  11. Why no salt? Please answer. Wouldn't food be to bland ?

  12. Jenny L says:

    Yes, I do know that song! I sing it with my preschool class (I'm a teacher) but my version is a little different. In America we call it jell-o, and it's in a bowl, not on a plate. But otherwise it's the same!! 🙂 :)

  13. Julia Reese says:

    Hi I love your food prep videos, as well as your other content. I would love to see a meal prep thats about one type of meal, like breakfast meal prep with a few options. Breakfast is really hard for me. Same for lunch or a week prep but a bigger vvariety.Thanks, big fan.

  14. P Phan says:

    Hi Lozza I would really like to see a video about how many calories I should eat in order to reach my fitness goals

  15. Lady Kismet says:

    Jelly on a plate – fantastic song! I remember it from the 80s :)

  16. Sm88 says:

    really love this video… plz make more videos like these..i also stay in sydney.. i hope i can meet you some day.. thanks for all your helps a lot… love you..

  17. 1200 meal plan please!!!!! By the way I'm loving your videos💕

  18. I absolutely love love your videos 🙂 thank you! I really appreciate it. Plus your personality makes it super fun :)

  19. starrdusts says:

    You are so organized! And funny too. I think i'm going to try this out this week. :)

  20. Hello Lozza, I was wondering if I can replace the sweet potatoes with another veggie ?? Because I'm not a big fan, loved this video by the way!

  21. Dayri xx says:

    great video! well done girl I loved it

  22. I would love to see a video that's in that 1800-2000 calorie range and vegetarian. 😊

  23. Yes! Please make a video on calculating macros, that is exactly what I have been looking for.

  24. This is fantastic prep! I totally agree with using smaller containers… plate too! Always makes me feel like I'm eating more 🙂 Love the jelly song lol, thanks for sharing!

  25. Hi BakingMadGymAddict, thank you for all the WONDERFUL videos and inspiration!!
    Please tell me how you do the voice overs in your video's? What software are you using? Thanks!!!

  26. marijo1013 says:

    1200 meal plan please!!!! And also how to calculate your macros for leaning out!! You are the BEST!!!

  27. This is so cool! I do not think I would have the nerve to do it!

  28. Oh yeah, please make that video you were talking about in the beginning!
    Love your videos!

    But 1200 or 1600 calories would be too little for me, I'm sure I need more… like most young women. Girls, when we're exercising and working, we need energy! 1200 calories would be basal metabolic rate for most of us. You can easily eat a few hundred calories more and still lose weight. That's way safer.

  29. Ian Tan says:

    hello, aunt Lozza hope i can see you in person.

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