Bikini Physique Pilates – 27 Moment Ab muscles, Butt and Thighs Pilates Training by

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24 Responses

  1. Does anyone else think Kelly has got just the nicest most attractive feet? Really cute high arches and well-aligned toes. And the skin looks nice and soft. And those feet being attached to those amazing legs is just a bonus! You are beautiful Kelly

  2. which Warm Up /Cool Down would you recommend me? Thanks :)

  3. I love this workout. Thank you.

  4. Mya Stubbs says:

    Really good workout! Thank you so much!

  5. anupam das says:

    Actually a beginner video for pilates!

  6. how often should we do this workout?
    3-4 times a week?

  7. What's the difference between Pilates and cardio?

  8. clarabooful says:

    Some recommend a full body routine (strength training) at a time and do it 2-3 times a week. But is it also beneficial to spread the exercises out and finish a full body routine in a week?

  9. Omg I'm only 11 and this is working for me

  10. wanted a cooler workout but still doing smthg nice and this s perfect!!!

  11. N3K3ISHA says:

    so good!! i was in total shock when Daniel said it was finished. adding this to my favourites!

  12. Anna Peon says:

    FitnessBlender right now I am 37 inches around my waist and I've been doing your cardio workouts for 5 days now.How long is it going to take me to get to a 24-26 in waist??

  13. Barbara ann says:

    when she changes to her second side of side leg work, the leg lifting/lowering with foot flexed is omitted.

  14. Pizza Boy says:

    and I cant walk now and was hoping i'd be able to move to another workout video but, good stuff.

  15. Which is the substitute workout for guys instead of this since this workout is present in one of the programs which I have bought ? It specifically says bikini body so which is the ideal substitute as an optional recovery workout for guys ?

  16. Ari Freites says:

    hey, if you are reading this i want you to know that you are beautiful and i hope you have a great day.

  17. Great simple and well explained work out, thanks :)

  18. How long before you see results. I'm 36 in around my waist including my hips. How long before I'd be 24 in if I do this workout twice dailly

  19. Uche clare says:

    my feet are feeling kinda wabbly,like i'm gonna fall

  20. Uche clare says:

    waoww!!!this burns like crazy😤😣😲♨🔥🔥

  21. Finally decent pilates videos! Love everything about them – simple settings, calm voice-over – awesome! Thank you guys!

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