Work out Plan 2014 ☀ Bikini Human body Conditioning | Monica Church

Work out Plan 2014 for Bikini Human body Conditioning!
My Final Video clip:

Thanks for seeing! This is my video clip on how to get a bikini system for summertime and spring 2014. This is quite much what I do for a work out and exercise plan. (by the way, anyone has a bikini system- you do not have to have a certain search or shape!) but this is just to really feel much more confident if you want to get in far better shape: here is what I do!

I focus on three issues:
Overall flexibility
Cardio / Stamina

Abide by ME
Instagram: Monica Church

exercise, work out, plan, 2014, bikini system, inspiration, lady, how to, fat, healthy Hey I am Monica Church a 19 yr aged lady who enjoys make-up, manner, magnificence, and film! Set those all collectively and you have “hairodynamic”. On this channel I create hauls, tutorials, lookbooks, outfit tips, again to university, and Diy films- check out them out!

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22 Responses

  1. Claire Bear says:

    If your trying to lose weight/burn fat them focus mostly on cardio until you lose the weight

  2. I'm very flexible and I play volleyball and I love football

  3. Olivia DIY says:

    Holy shit your good a gymnastics

  4. Olivia DIY says:

    Both I like u and I like to workout

  5. Rachel S says:

    anyone else thinking side-rocks look like mermaid dancing XD

  6. I love pizza and I just like you so

  7. khali isoke says:

    About workout now ! Gonna do those Ab routine 

  8. Lee Mae says:

    Great Video but sometimes I think I can do a workout but than I say no screw it I'll just be a stripped but then I remember I'm fat and can't dance. 

  9. I clicked in this video because I just like u😘😘👌

  10. recently learned that side sways = heel touches 'cause you're almost reaching for your heels

  11. Grace Jee says:

    mariners?!? are you from seattle??!

  12. Rando Sho says:

    You must be very flexible. I can't do a push up or lift my legs or sit up. I tried to do a flip but I did a double flip and landed on my back it hurt so bad and I was only five 

  13. when did you start gymnastics??

  14. alexarose says:

    do you use the nike+ app? If so what is your screenname so I can be friends with you?

  15. Dieamond says:

    Gurl! Awesome Ab– skills!

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