Try-On + In addition-Dimensions Bikinis & Lingerie

Are In addition Dimensions Models welcomed as considerably as ordinary dimensions versions? Lots of guys are in appreciate with the curvacious bodies.. Acquire a look.

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30 Responses

  1. Sean Nolan says:

    Wow, can't take anymore of this the pressure is building up.

  2. todas tienen un culote y nalgotas …….mamacitas !!!

  3. oh yea estan rekete buenas las mamasitas

  4. Pero quien le haría el feo a rellenitas como estas. Todas son hermosas, apoco no, si pasan en la calle no volteas a mirarlas.

  5. poizonedmind says:

    id bang every one of them!

  6. 0:27 Wow. Very sexy women. I prefer this body type over Victorias Secret models.

  7. Preety RA says:

    imagine being in the middle of all these lovely ladies :D

  8. Maged Botros says:

    مسلسل هي ودافنشي الحلقه 27


  10. Waseem Khan says:

    these plus size girls are too much beautifull ,please i want to marry one of them,please contact me

  11. And stop it right in the tracks there with the girl wearing the thong. No No No

  12. Stop encouraging fat girls to wear such clothing. you are giving them a false sense of esteem. Knowing damn good and well they will be made fun of if they try this out in public. They are too young to weigh this much. And only stand to get bigger as they get older and then have all kinds of health issues from being over weight. No No go exercise and lose this fat. sorry but im just telling it like it is. and with care

  13. These ladies are SO much prettier than those fake ass skinny bitches that models❤️these women are natural, confident, and beautiful

  14. INeedMoneyzz says:

    Observation: The camera person is either a woman or a gay guy (or the person that edited the video). The primary focus seems to be the women's belly. They cut away A LOT when the "good parts" hit the screen. Not a butt person, apparently.

  15. INeedMoneyzz says:

    These are some FINE big women? They're like walking theme parks…The bigger the better! lol
    I love the confidence in their walks…..they aren't bothered one bit by their size. Additionally, I'm glad that we've gotten past that ridiculous size 2 constraint of "hot."

  16. bthvnyt says:

    You wanna see the top model in the world? Check out Cleo Fernandes. As they say…she's in a league all her own. She plays with the audience and takes over the whole show with not only perfect body but with personality. A real heart-throb too  🙂  Cleo Fernandes. You'll see what I mean  :)

  17. Kandi Wilke says:

    When God created these ladies he chuckled to his self and said top this my finest creation

  18. Zero to full erection in 10 seconds!

  19. Chris Neal says:

    all of the women on here are fine as hell

  20. surewouldlovetogotooneoftheseshows

  21. Fresco26 says:

    Real nice, specially the second one from the beginning

  22. Kini Thekid says:

    Only fat, big meat!! Eow..

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