2012 British GP Professional Bikini

Videoklip vznikol vďaka spolupráci portálu o physical fitness a kulturistike EastLabs a obchodu s doplnkami výživy ObchodRonnie.sk (predaj proteínov, kreatínov, gainerov, anabolizantov atď.)

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44 Responses

  1. …can't choose…which is which..

  2. а де танцы? я лучше танцую

  3. danny1636 says:

    Who's the blond girl in jeans and black top giving rewards at the end? She is hot.

  4. Laura Lzo says:

    #45 Was the Best in my opinion. She is perfect.

  5. globe255 says:

    I had 40 as a winner but all of them were on my list.

  6. The judges didn't go for the tight toned body in #42 .. but also didn't go for the softer #45 … Sorry it seemed they started looking at something other than the women's bodies . the point of the contest and looked at their faces ..

    that is weak …

    Don't get me wrong. 40 is the best looking of face then 43 .. but this is supposed to be a bikini contest.

  7. The dark tan can look quite bad

  8. Henny Liauw says:

    so sexy my head os gona blow

  9. R Seimens says:

    Usually these shows have very good judges and I am amazed how right they get it, but these judges forgot what they were judging. This is a fitness competition, not a hot blonde competition. 42 and 45 no question were the best here.

  10. Bran Sell says:

    I also pic  #45 , what's up  haven't these judges seen a blonde before ? just saying .

  11. "I love implants, my little woman had great tits before she had our kids, but didn't like me playing with them.. .  .But now that she has new pair of blot-ons, this new silicon from the US needs massaging everyday.. .  .Happy-days!! "

  12. See Sonal says:

    who cares,they will get jobs at hooters after the show.

  13. yuk too much muscle lacking in feminine….sorry 3/10

  14. TheBerginton says:

    Since nobody mentions her name "45" I'll say it…it's Nikola Weiterova..there you have it.

  15. I like the girl with the number 45!!! I think she has for me the best body!

  16. 45, у нее хоть задница есть

  17. joesph gallo says:

    who cares about the implants they a lot of great ass's

  18. A M says:

    why do you haters watch this stuff if you hate it so much? wtf

  19. 45 is off the richter scale. What are they feeding these ladies?


  21. Si H says:

    Big Chins and square jaws

  22. Valkyries aflight. 80 is deadly hot. 43 likewise did it for me.  45 is adorable. Names would be nice.

  23. snoozinghipo says:

    Everyone has implants it seems….. sad.

  24. noo Spoko says:

    Like a slut on the casting ;D

  25. Why they are all Slavic? Does Great Britain has it's own females?

  26. Brutal Heart says:

    #43 makes me laugh. "Face the back," and while the other 2 stand normally, she has to spread and stick her butt out a little to make it look like she actually has anything. Hah! But yeah, 44 and 45, i'd say.

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