eight-7 days Bikini System Exercise System (Get Summer Ready!)

You should Study this box additional info. It truly is time for a further whole human body makeover challenge. This is an eight-7 days Bikini System Problem to get you ready for Summer! Are you on board?

Start off Date: Thursday, third April 2014
Conclusion Date: Thursday, 28th May well 2014

Anyone and every person can get aspect in this challenge. If you want to see results, dedicate your self Totally to my workout strategies and also follow the foundation of the meal plan for the upcoming eight weeks. All workout and meal strategies are out there and can be saved and printed on my web page under the “Exercise” and “Food” tabs.

Connection to Month one Exercise System: http://www.joannasoh.com/eight-7 days-bikini-human body-workout-plan-thirty day period-one/

Connection to Food System: http://www.joannasoh.com/eight-7 days-bikini-human body-meal-plan/

Connection to Vegan / Vegetarian Food System: http://www.joannasoh.com/eight-7 days-bikini-human body-vegan-meal-plan/

Success = 80% nutrition and 20% exercising

If you are new, I would inspire you to view my “seven Measures to Lasting Pounds Loss” movie to actually realize the foundation to beginning a thriving bodyweight loss plan.

I realize it can be difficult and demotivating at times, so in buy to support every single other, I want you to article a Each day Photograph possibly on instagram or facebook. It can be your exercising shots, foods you ate, motivational rates, your progress, basically any shots to continue to keep you on keep track of with this challenge. Never overlook to #jsohbikinibodychallenge so that we can all check out your shots. =)

Just don’t forget this truth: “Exercise is like currently being in a relationship, you simply cannot cheat on it and count on it to function!”

If you continue to be totally dedicated and have exciting all over the eight weeks, I can guarantee you, you will see the results you ought to have.

All the finest! xx

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41 Responses

  1. oh yeah I'm trying to led weight before summer ends so plz reply before it ends. Not trynna be mean just saying

  2. by the way my parents r from Nigeria so at times we eat foods that I don't know wat is in them honestly how much calories so that it would kinda hard to make a journal of u know what I'm saying 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  3. by the way I just wanna get skinnier not build muscle maybe lean would be ok

  4. all of this happens becuz I used to eat a lot but I tried not eating a lot from may to now but I still don't know which excersizes to do

  5. =) plz reply as soon as u can

  6. and I can't swim and I can't always jog or run as part of my excersizes I can't do cardio workouts that include jumping that will disturb my neighboors

  7. I wanna lose at least 20 lbs or more and I have made an effort to do some of ur excersizes but then move on to others idk which is best for me. plz guide me I'm lost.😖

  8. so I just went out for brisk walking and did ur 4 minute high intensity workout the hiit blaster and then I did my static stretch I didn't immediately stretches cuz I was tired and I did my warmup and part of my stretches before going on a brisk walk

  9. hey joannah I am a beginner and I like weigh 140 and I'm 13 and I'm 5'7 and I have a lot of cellulite in my bum and legs like there r literally stretch marked on my legs and basically fat everywhere though it is not noticeable I still look skinny by turning to the side but not in front and I honestly don't know where to start becuz my mom bought thin pizza from ceasars and deep dish pizza for dinner so I had no choice but to eat it

  10. Hi joanna, im going to do this challenge, i looked at the workout plan, is it okay if I swap days, im going swimming on Tuesdays so it works better for me to do activity of choice then?

  11. hi Joanne its nice…. I am 154 cm and my weight 58… I have a perfect shape in 1 month… what can do

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  13. Candice Ong says:

    Fitness is like being in a relationship, you cannot cheat on it and expect it to work! ….mhmmmm…..good analogy
    thumbs up x1000000

  14. Rachel C says:

    hey joanna i am unable to find the workout plan for month two, can you help me please?

  15. YenNhiNguyen says:

    Can somebody please email me the workout plan 🙁 i plan to start the challenge tomorrow but her website is in maintenance mode

  16. Linha Ruby says:

    Hey joanna pls respond to this :
    I am linha and i am 53kg i have to loss10kg in 2 week so could u tell me some workouts plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz respond to this plzzźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. Dear Joanna,
    Thank you for being so motivational. I will give your workouts and diet a try 🙂 Lets see if its now that I can loose the weight I gained from quitting smoking  🙁 …  I have to loose 20 kg at least  :O 

    Kisses from Portugal

  18. Hi Joanna ,
    I noticed that your program is focused on loosing belly fat, but I have much more problems with my thighs and butt, so will this help toning my thighs or should I choose another program?

  19. Hey johanna pls respond to this:
    So I'm 14 , 5'1 and my weight is 86 pounds I have a belly fat that I need to lose it before this June in 2 months if I do this can I lose it? Also back fat and thigh fat ?

  20. Hello Joanna.my body is of V shape so if i follow 8-Week Bikini Body Fitness Plan will it reduce my bust size??love your all videos.keep it up (y) :)

  21. Sandra Saad says:

    Will I be able to get a flat tummy in 17 days

  22. Sandra Saad says:

    Am going to the beach on august so I need help getting a flat stomach will I be able to do it 

  23. Hi Joanna! I am keen to try this I was just curious- do I do all three listed exercise routines on that day or is it a choice that you can do just one or two of the listed exercises for one day? Thanks! I love all your videos and advice! <3

  24. Frank MJ says:

    Hahaha u are sooooo cute! Ur accent is so cute! Continue keeping ur good work! Ur channel is so interesting and full of info. Cute and smart girl, what other thing can a guy ask for?

  25. Hello Joanna,
    fully determined to finally become healthier, fitter and thinner again, I selected your 8week aerobics program. I wanted to start but all I see is Maintenance mode, i.e. I cannot start the program. When will it be available again?

  26. Minahil Arif says:

    can u tell mw which workout ican replace with full weight training for women because i cannot lift weights. 

  27. Anita says:

    starting this today without the meal plan, wish me luck!

  28. hi joanna i cant wait to try this ! but I live with my parents and they cook for me… so im eating home-cooked meals that are not on the meal plan.. would i still see results ?

  29. li na says:

    Where is the plan? I mean the videos? oO

  30. Valeria A says:

    Hi Johanna! Have you done any video that shows any exercises under the water or if not could you make one?

  31. Fanny Auc says:

    It is pretty intense! I love it :)

  32. writhinghood says:

    hi joanna! my room mate & i love your videos, but we wanted to ask if you had any tips for extreme beginners on doing push-ups. i'm not really strong enough to even go down very far when i'm doing a modified knee push-up and thought there might be some other exercises which could help that muscle group. thanks !

  33. I was just looking for a good fruit combination for smoothies and i found your videos. I find all your videos very helpful and motivating. Hence, I will try this 8-week bikini body fitness plan as I am really trying to get rid of this hideous belly fat. ^__^ best of luck to us ladies and thank you Joanna!

  34. I just found your channel today and I am so bummed that i am late on this.

  35. Hi joanna, I'm underweight skinny women here. Can u make a gain weight meal plan for a day please. Thanks 

  36. Emily Munoz says:

    Can't wait to start on Monday but I have a question. In case I dont have an ingredient to make one of the meals, can I replace it with ones of your other videos meals plans??

  37. Hey Joanna!
    I really LOVE your Tips & Videos! I already finished your "4 weeks abs challenge" and I feel great! Although I only lose about 3 kilos I feel really "cleaned up" and I still follow your nutrition advice 🙂 Thank you for that!!
    All the best!

  38. Olivia Hense says:

    I am younger but I am doing this for my self confidence. I don't feel confident with my self which sucks but I am working hard to make myself feel batter and this is my first step. So yay!

  39. Hi Joanna! Love your videos and your positive approach to fitness! Have you considered making a video with exercises and tips for obese and morbidly obese women to lose weight? There is hardly anything out there for women who have stomaches too big to do crunches and situps or anything requiring bending lol, and what is out there has us sitting in chairs like our weight will crush our legs if we had to stand too long. Your positive attitude is sorely needed for those of us with a long way to go and nobody to show us how to get there 🙂 Thanks for being here!

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