Bikini Product Transformation! Vicky Justiz Photo shoot.

If you want an amazing bikini human body you have to perform for it. A fantastic work out approach additionally healthful diet regime is the only way. We have entire length Bikini Overall body Exercise routines at and you can do the entire length workouts that helped to develop Vicky’s butt at .

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38 Responses

  1. Fitspo <33 she looks amazing

  2. turbobenx says:

    came here just to see the funny ass virgins comments

  3. raya strong says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to workout 💕

  4. daisy baeza says:

    all you did was home work out ?? :0

  5. ednalully says:

    I fallow u for 1 year n I see great results thank you very much you have every type of levels of exercise routine for everyone 😊

  6. JC Melano says:

    Wow!!! Her butt actually transformed. I thought the entire "squat to make your butt big" movement was a myth. Great Job.

  7. Esialpha says:

    She's the best BikiniModelFitness girl.

  8. Zak Swift says:

    You've come a long way Vicky! So proud of you :)

  9. Araya Hope says:

    This was so inspiring ❤️

  10. Playa Vista says:

    I think your body looked better before

  11. Hi, Vicky. CONGRATS!✨😃☀️ you are my absolutly inspiration, you' re amazing. You are super kind, i know it, and I had'nt meet, I hope to!!

  12. baymamaz650 says:

    Queen!!! Your body is perfect

  13. Joe says:

    Does Vicky have an Instagram??

  14. Joe says:

    Omg I love Vicky!!!! Would eat groceries for days!!! Luv u Vicky!

  15. Jesus Price says:

    Definitely got a phat ass!!!!

  16. King Killa says:

    is it just me because personally I would rather have a smaller butt on myself but the ladies this is incredible for them

  17. Chandasouk says:

    Vicky looks so strong now

  18. lavish erica says:

    super inspired by you! keep it up and I'll try to keep up too 😉

  19. Simply me says:

    I already seen this but on womenworkout channel why did they upload it before Bikinimodelfitness did lmfaoo

  20. DjBLaKSponge says:

    i started working out 2 years ago too. were making gainz together

  21. There she is. The favorite. Happy now wankers?

  22. Steven Mata says:

    thank you vicky for helping me to grow a big butt

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