10-Minute Bikini Work out | Reduced Human body and Cardio Exercise | Course FitSugar

With seashore season just all around the corner, we designed this 10-minute exercise that will help you rock your bikini. A very little cardio and a good deal of decreased system perform will give your booty a raise and tone your gams. Push perform and get ready to perform your legs.

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41 Responses

  1. quick and efficient thanks …:)

  2. NykeDIGITAL says:

    Good workout ladies… 

    Thanks for sharing.

    I will share this on my page.. 


  3. Erif Soriano says:

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  4. boudenas says:

    A short but efficient cardio!

  5. Anna ~ My 15 year old daughter and I have been doing this workout and we love it!  I need to know what kind your shoes are!  I know Nike, but what specific kind?  I love them!  My daughter says there is no way you will answer; prove her wrong! 🙂  Thanks again!

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  8. April Joy says:

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  9. jingleaia says:

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  11. pippo mio says:

    Lots of fun! Keep it up ladies!

  12. Igor Urupev says:

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  13. GlobalGirl88 says:

    another good one for the arms

  14. Charm Jewel says:

    I can see why these would help you lose weight with the right eating habits. Just 10 minutes alone gave me a good sweat, I did 3 and this is my 3rd today. I love these

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  16. Makay linzo says:

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  17. My friend told me about this and I'm glad I checked it out! I love how encouraging the instructor is. I'll be doing this regularly :)

  18. MrDisavowed says:

    If you want to lose weight fast, make sure to Google the term "Madax Fat Blast". You are certain to achieve the appearance you deserve.

  19. I love your workouts! They're so much fun! Great job ladies!

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  21. Tati. Bo says:

    I discovered fitsugar last summer and I keep gettin useful workouts and advices!! Thanks!!:-)

  22. Sophie says:

    Awesome! I can't wait to actually start doing this once exam season is over

  23. This work out is awesome!

  24. nancy mehta says:

    yeah.i'm gonna do this.yupieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  25. nancy mehta says:

    really great workout,keep it up.!!

  26. Great workout – keeps your heart rate up!

  27. MsLisaLisa says:

    great workout. i feel bad for my downstairs neighbor tho lol

  28. Faiza Asif says:

    I stop like 5 times in these 10 mins but still it really burns

  29. audrey s says:

    Please make longer workout!!! by the way this one is really good!!! thanks!!!

  30. qtinka285 says:

    love you three together and love your 10 min workouts!! need some for arms but without any dumbells

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  32. Anna has a ton of energy! I love it! 

  33. Laura Booth says:

    i love the combination of you three <3 🙂

  34. Awesome workout! I did it for twice and for single time the 10-Minute Cardio and Core workout… I am feeling so good:) Thank you! 🙂

  35. Skye Guy says:

    Just done it! Really works ya

  36. Can you do one to get a flat stomach please! love your videos!

  37. TheAbStand says:

    Really great workout – loved that you showed a warm-up in beginning and a stretch at the end. Love stretching at the end of a workout, best time to do so.

    Check us at: theabstand*net when you get a chance!

  38. Maria Ch says:

    Once again amazing workout!!! thank you so much for doing these amazing cardio workouts , i love them. I usually do 2-3 of your workouts every night they are sooo good <3 I totally recommend your channel 

  39. Ellie Louise says:

    this is a really good workout, i love it! greetings from germany

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