Caffe Swimwear – Mercedes-Benz Vogue Week Swim 2013 – Vogue Runway Bikini Top SI Products

Caffe a Colombian luxurious woman’s beachwear line born in 2004, has given that created into an global trendy manufacturer current in the ideal merchants in additional than 38 SIcountries.

Caffe Swimwear is ideal regarded for elevating beachwear to significant fashion status with its chic, alluring and undeniable trendy swimwear for women that love to glam their seaside wardrobe.

The designer Paula Saavedra is passionate about maximizing women’s magnificence employing inspiration from her South American roots, blended with the existing tendencies in fashion to produce handmade swimwear with flare.

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14 Responses

  1. الأميرةليلى قايل شكراً

  2. mohamed Bene says:

    très belle collection de lingerie et ensembles (Swimwear)de la très grande maison de qualité haute couture et ses bijoux des ensembles Strings Soutiens qui valorisent le jolie corps Mince de la Femme et Rendre très Beaux les jolies Fesses Rondes ouvertes Remplies très sexy attirantes les belles jambes Fuselees aussi Hanches Rondes et mettent en Relief jolie ventre plat Nombril aux milieu comme le soleil aux milieu de l'univers tous le monde apprécient vos produits les femmes les aiment pressées le les mettre sur leurs jolies corps tendre fragiles pleins de douceur Beauté tendresse j'ai beaucoup aime ainsi je vous adresse des plus hauts respects sincères et haute considération

  3. wow such beauuuuuuuutiful bodies!!!!!

  4. Puzzoozoo says:

    Annoying breaks in the music.

  5. Hank McSwane says:

    Who is the girl at 5:45!?

  6. Hank McSwane says:

    Who is blonde at 1:58?

  7. ha there are much better sites than youtube for girls. you only really need one site its where real girls go to get naughty get a load of this:

  8. yeon do says:

    카페수영복 2013 벤츠패션

  9. Les Femmes sont vraiment très belles et sensuelles dans ces Bikinis .

  10. Muy hermosas modelos, lucen muy bien la lencería.

  11. The the swimsuits and tunics but the bikinis all look the same. 

  12. the best swimwear show ever! . . . shared!

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