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40 Responses

  1. gilbert2303 says:

    Do you ever wear thong bikini bottoms ?

  2. Zuzka I am s glad I found you again! I was a big fan back in the BodyRock days. Picked hop some great fitness tips from you.

  3. I actually like them all Susana. Mainly because your wearing them.

  4. maui swift says:

    Lol! Love the dog thief!

  5. RAY J says:

    all bikinis are good for you because you're beautiful and you have beautiful eyes my love
    I love you so much😘😘😘💓💕💕💕💕💕

  6. Irene GL says:

    wow your house is so big!

  7. anNaSoR911 says:

    My guess would be #3.
    #4 and #5 are definitely from Victoria's Secret.
    Btw, #6 is really cute. 🙂 But, too bad you can't really see any of them b/c of the lighting and b/c of how the video was filmed and edited.

  8. riothero313 says:

    How much to get that gorgeous women to read my books on tape??

  9. filterrr says:

    is there a bikini you don't look amazing in? holy cow…

  10. Bolzano 20cm says:

    WOW, AMAZING BODY with this bikini Zuzka!

  11. David M says:

    number 3 is from somewhere else.

  12. Ven Em says:

    still absolutely beautiful

  13. You are a goddess in so many ways…

  14. No entiendo nada. Subtitulos por favor.

  15. sofi kink says:

    What are the questions I did not understand something please.

  16. Effie says:

    You're so pretty Zuzka.

  17. Peter Camels says:

    Noo we need more and in normal speed.

  18. Ivan Fabro says:

    This walter white's house

  19. Merdenoms says:

    What's your favorite Halo Top flavor?

  20. Jesus says:

    i really love ur body

  21. YvetteKaur says:

    I couldn't take a good luck at any of the bikinis, specially the last one! too fast or too far away or cover by something :(

  22. Ian Bryson says:

    You look amazing! Jesus Christ!

  23. Grineb Bundy says:

    Dang, I was hoping for some sexy stuff, not slapstick comedy. I'm trying to beat off!

  24. mrrandy1 says:

    finally we get to see those cute feet again

  25. bradian1 says:

    So i saw the video 5 times!! who cares the bikinis awesome body she is so beautiful!! wow!!

  26. elchamber says:

    As fit as you getting out of a pool is still difficult? I give up then. Get the butter, I'm done. :)

  27. morenogualas says:

    hermosa mujer que dios creo

  28. its my lucky day! plus a get a nice forearm workout 11/10 will be back!

  29. Abba Okoro says:

    Who's holding the camera?

  30. 0:59 With clothes you look even a bit anorexic Zuzka. But here You can notice such impressive body. Those glutes and legs are super hot. I even suspect if you are natural at all. Luv!

  31. "It's totally obvious you're completely uncomfortable in s bikini" (huge SARCASM implied!) :)

  32. who are these 9 idiots that dislike this?

  33. Bikinis and dogs aside (both cute) the video is so good especially the underwater shots! Great editing! You're SO tanned! It's only 16 degrees in the UK :(((((((((

  34. OMG Zuma. it so great to see u on I am so happy for you

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