Leading 10 World’s Greatest-Paid out Versions of 2016

Leading 10 World’s Greatest-Paid out Versions of 2015

10. Natalia Vodianova, $4M
Natalia Mikhailovna Vodianova, nicknamed Supernova, is a Russian product, philanthropist and occasional film actress. She is perfectly recognized for her rags to riches daily life tale and for her eight-time, 7-determine agreement with Calvin Klein.
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9. Hilary Rhoda, $5M
Hilary Hollis Rhoda is an American product. She is probably most effective recognized for her operate with the brand name Estée Lauder and her 2009, 2010, and 2011 appearances in the Sporting activities Illustrated Swimsuit Challenge.
8. Alessandra Ambrosio, $5M
Alessandra Corine Ambrósio is a Brazilian product. Ambrosio is most effective recognized for her operate with Victoria’s Secret and was picked as the 1st spokesmodel for the firm’s “PINK” line.
7. Liu Wen, $7M
Liu Wen, is a Chinese fashion product. She is the 1st product of East Asian descent to walk the Victoria’s Secret Trend Show.
6. Miranda Kerr, $7M
Miranda May perhaps Kerr is an Australian product. Kerr rose to prominence in 2007 as just one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.
five. Kate Upton, $7M
Katherine Elizabeth “Kate” Upton is an American product and actress, recognized for her appearances in the Sporting activities Illustrated Swimsuit Challenge.
four. Kate Moss, $7M
Kate Moss is an English product. Born in Croydon, Larger London, she was uncovered in 1988 at fourteen by Sarah Doukas, founder of Storm Product Administration, at JFK Airport in New York City.
3. Adriana Lima, $8M
Adriana Lima is a Brazilian product and actress who is most effective recognized as a Victoria’s Secret Angel due to the fact 2000, and as a spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics from 2003 to 2009.
two. Doutzen Kroes, $8M
Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch product and actress, who is a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She began doing work for the brand name in 2004 and became an Angel in 2008. She is on agreement with L’Oréal.
one. Gisele Bundchen, $47M
Gisele Caroline Bündchen is a Brazilian fashion product, actress, and producer. She is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Ecosystem Programme.

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23 Responses

  1. All thse pretty girls and I'm just here like 'meh'

  2. Raul Shankar says:

    2). 8m to 1). 47m… that's a huge gap

  3. Yin Li says:

    Lol ,all the white model choose the photoshopped pic and for Liu wen just a casual life pic ? Really? The discrimination are everywhere

  4. toph 072 says:

    where the fuck is Candice Swanepoel??😭😭

  5. imagine kate and adriana sucking ur dick double team omfg.

  6. Ami Go says:

    do they also offer good sex to the payer? 😂

  7. Anna says:

    i thought naomi campbell would be one the list as well

  8. They have millions but they're naked

  9. Lk Delarama says:

    they been paid for every walk ? I'm sorry. i know nothing about it , just asking .

  10. Adriana Lima still the best. ❤

  11. Mahnur Aly says:

    From 8M straight to 47M lmao you can't cover that gap

  12. Mahnur Aly says:

    Is that what they get paid annually?

  13. This was uploaded in 2015 but it says 2016???

  14. Kate A. says:

    The list is wrong.Candice Swanepoel was actually on the list of the highest paid models in 2015 i think she was ranked in 9 or 8 and Cara was second.But apart from that,Gisele being always on top proves that she will always be the real damn queen of the runway.So anytime adriana lima's annoying ass fans want to describe their fave as the queen they better take a look at Gisele's career first.16 years with vs ain't enough to dethrone Gisele's incredible career.

  15. Kate upton still is the hottest model in the woooooooorld

  16. Is this list actual? I mean, some of these girls've ended their careers long time ago or they're not on top anymore…

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