Manner Product knocks out three Men at self-defence show. Serious Physical fitness Bikini Karate Woman

Hello! This is online video that includes me in self-defence in opposition to three attackers. Many thanks to my companions in this demonstration and to Andrey Korchack, mentor who prepare this and have been a person of the attackers. In the online video also highlighted excerpts from forthcoming new online video pertaining to my recent IFBB Physical fitness Bikini contest and another new online video that includes some backstage from photosessions. Truly feel free of charge to comment or subscribe!

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16 Responses

  1. S. M. says:

    elle est plutot jolie, mais je ne suis pas convaincu, c est trop a la "VanDamme"

  2. umesh - says:

    guys knockout because of her skirt

  3. Of course 1000,000% Fake!. In real fight just run like a horse or they will cut you in a thousand pieces!.

  4. aaayxza says:

    Wow, i like your high kicks with your beautiful legs!

  5. yeng tominez says:

    again its a comedy show. hahahahaha.

  6. I check a lot of surving handbooks. This one from ShepherdSurvives is the best.

  7. thriddoctor says:

    I'd love to see all the doubters below actually fight her. Her kicks and punches would have them crying like frightened little boys and begging shamelessly for their lives.Ekatherina Logutova could beat up ANY man.

  8. rockit31 says:

    she couldn't knock down my 10 year old son.   Please.    Don't waste our time with this bullshit

  9. I think its fake it looks like the boys weren't even trying
    That or the men were wimps
    (Or just acting .-. )

  10. Ekaterina Logutova… amazing martial arts girls.. stunning beauty, high quality skills, fitness body.

  11. Blue belt I see. Getting good at it.

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