What a VEGAN BIKINI Pro Eats in a Working day | 5 Months OUT

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In this video I display what I try to eat in a working day and give a physique update in planning for my future pro bikini display which is in 5 weeks time.


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47 Responses

  1. I don't like turmeric is there another spice option for the colour For the tofu scramble

  2. I can't wait for that brownie recipe! :D

  3. Balancelle says:

    So great that you show that you can be vegan and be fit

  4. Kelsey Munoz says:

    Body goals! You have inspired me to get back to strength training! Thank you!

  5. R Miller says:

    Wow very full of energy. Video woke me up. I love it.

  6. R Miller says:

    That gym looks absolutely fabulous. Puts mine to shame.

  7. Gita Mistry says:

    Hi try adding soya milk to make it runny may help for next time xxx much love

  8. Hoping to make that brownie. Do you have a recipe? Nom Nom!

  9. Hoping to make that brownie. Do you have a recipe? Nom Nom!

  10. Ana M says:

    You're really beautiful and look super young but I know you can't possibly be as young as I think you are since you have an 11 year old…unless you had her when you were 11 yourself? :P

  11. Loving your channel lately! What are your thoughts on using maple syrup in smoothies or oats? is it bad for fat loss?

  12. You are an inspiration! :)

  13. Leanna Iden says:

    God thank you so much for saying "period." I hate when girls say "time of the month or some stupid word bc period grosses them out. As if you have to be ashamed of your body cycle lol

  14. I really love how you've embarked on this journey with such discipline, self love and passion. I do connect with how you tend to switch up your calories between days – some days higher in calories, and compensating with lighter calories on others. Balance is a key to happiness and self-growth…and you radiate all of that. Keep up the great work! :)

  15. Very informative, thanks for being so thorough! Keep up the good work! :)

  16. Bobbi Howell says:

    So inspiring Georgie, I know exactly how you feel about your body when on your period, I'm glad I'm not the only one 🙂
    I love the look of all the food you make and oats are one of my favorites! especially at night/evening
    thanks for another great video! :]

  17. Liz Sanford says:

    Do you have a video with a basic gym circuit for a female just starting out with weight training (fit but with pilates etc)? How long are your gym workouts generally?

  18. Jess Carrer says:

    Ahh you guys are so great! Totally my favourite vegan channel for sure! X

  19. daniellesoy says:

    Dr. greger recommends 1/2 tea spoon of ginger powder and 1/2 tea spoon of fennel powder for menstrual issues. 😛 good luck!! and i luvvv all of u!! beautiful people!! luvv watching u gals/guy every day.

  20. Shawnafied says:

    Love your vids! All of them!

  21. sarajinki says:

    you're so amazing! I know you can do it too! <333

  22. mat mul says:

    With your Brazil nuts you should eat 3 or 4 in one sitting and that should be it for a month rather than having 1 every day. NutritionFacts.org

  23. Nora Lin says:

    its funny how I was eating almost the same oatmeal u were eating! I used the same protein powder and the same frozen berries from Tesco! hahaha

  24. Gerry Gold says:

    So interesting to see how you are getting on with your prep for the show. You kook Amazing… 👍✔ Have you found that the intermittent fasting has helped you not to put on body fat so than you don't have to do a long cut in the run up to the show. 😉🍒👍✔💜🍎🍓

  25. How much flour did you use?

  26. What part of the canal is that ? Because when I went to London, I went for a walk around the canal and I don't remember that place

  27. Laura Herde says:

    You are so great and inspiring girlie <3

  28. Look up insulin release when having a protein meal (especially arginine) It's a misconception that protein meals don't spike insulin levels.

  29. CpaSpartan says:

    I tried adding my oats with protein powder and the powder just gets really clumpy and im basically still eating powder. How do you prepare it?

  30. I have never thought about switching those types of carb/breakfasty meals with the more protein dense dinner-type meals as far as when one should best eat them. Makes sense! Thank you so much for your inspiring videos! You look wonderful, and you're going to rock it at the competition!👍🏻😄

  31. I love watching your updates Georgie and I learn something new whenever I watch a video from you and Darren. 😊

    Is it ok to sip on tea while fasting? I'm am just fasting at the moment from 6pm to 7am and hoping to stretch it out longer but i do sip on green or peppermint tea during my fasting period. Is that ok? 🙃 thank you!

  32. Lara Sza says:

    Hi guys, great Video! A little tip for the omlette: Have you ever used 'Kala Namak'? It's and Indian? (i guess) Salt and it's smoked or something like that and it's Black and it LITERALLY tastes (and smells 😅) like egg! So it can make scrambled tofu or omlette a lot more similar to the real one :)

  33. Ina Petersen says:

    cant wait for the protein brownie recipe!

  34. DaisyDeGamer says:

    You are looking amazing! Everything going on is perfect 😱

  35. Sara Linton says:

    Looking so lean and fit, Georgie. You go girl. 💪🏻💋

  36. Georgie I've found that after you've cooked the underside in the frying pan on the hob that popping your chickpea flour omelette under the grill or in the oven to set the top really helps make it stay together! I love putting loads of veggies in mine too, peppers and broccoli are really good :)

  37. I love having my carbs in the evening too! People always say not to as you'll gain weight but I don't find that. Having the carbs at night also helps my sleep as I struggle with insomnia at times.

  38. Try checking out Hot For Food's vegan omelette recipe. They're awesome 😄

  39. Che Brown says:

    Great channel!!! Love your videos, thanks for the inspiration😊

  40. Jp Dubois says:

    Who would give this a thumbs down? : ( You both inspire me on my health journey.

  41. Where is your backpack from???

  42. I'm working towards becoming vegan and wanted to know if you went fully Into it or did you ease yourself slowly away from animal product foods?

  43. Can you tell us how much chickpea flour and nutritional yeast to add to the tofu? Keen to try that recipe thanks 🙂 ps I'm really enjoying following your bikini comp journey Georgie. I found you guys thru Jon Venus and now I've finally been able to successfully intermittent fast daily, thank you :)

  44. I do that all the time, munching on some part of my meal while I fix it, glad I'm not the only one lol

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