Air New Zealand bikini models for your in-flight safety

Air New Zealand makes use of Athletics Illustrated swimsuit models for their new in-flight safety video. Much more from CNN at

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14 Responses

  1. kevin carr says:

    I want to see her blow up the vest.

  2. Snipin4honor says:

    Those retarded landwhales. Then go and fucking exercise.

  3. diver dave says:

    if you look at the thumbs up and thumbs down replies for the long version of this youtube clip… only 10% don't enjoy it !  that means 9 out of 10 do approve . i think it helped make you watch it and thats what the airline wants !

  4. Its a catch22 if you're a guy. If you find beautiful women attractive its objectifying them. If you don't find unattractive women in general attractive you're a misogynist because "all women are beautiful". W/o a doubt the only people that complained are feminist, insecure women, and pussified men.

  5. The safety video is 6 months old.

  6. K Levanter says:

    why is that such a problem? this is perfectly appropriate attire for flight. People would pay better attention to this crucial video.

  7. olivionb says:

    Why is it that ugly people hate on pretty people with their bull shit? Damn! It's like everybody have to accommodate these losers! It got to be some fat nasty ass lady and some Gay ass dude crying about this. This is all because no one is paying them any attention. Why do we have to suffer because of these loser's insecurities? 

  8. If you don't like it your either insecure about your body or your gay

  9. evancortez2 says:

    in the unlikely event of a water landing, your boobies can be used as a flotation device

  10. PoliceCenter says:

    Ugly feminists called it sexist… I guarantee you.

  11. why do women think they are equal to us? find me the fastest/strongest/smartest woman on earth and there will always be hundreds of men who are better….

  12. fidorover says:

    In the spirit of air safety, I watched this in the full upright and locked position.

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