Bikini System Training | Rebecca Louise

Start off nowadays on doing work towards your seaside all set entire body with this head to toe exercise session that give your complete entire body a melt away!

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23 Responses

  1. Sandra Evan says:

    Hi Rebecca – I love your videos! Where did you get your bikini top and bottom from?

  2. L King says:

    I'm going on holiday in 6 weeks, how often should I do this to see big results, once a day?

  3. can you do a "rebecca body" plese
    i love your body

  4. #icanfeeltheburnrebecca can you make more bikni body workouts please?

  5. I have watched all your videos Rebecca I have followed almost all and they are helping me reach my goal. So thank you. :-)))

  6. Jeon Carey says:

    I love this workout. it really works!!!!

  7. Does this then eats burger

  8. You are amazing! This is helping me reach my goal thank you so much! love this channel xxx

  9. afsana islam says:

    hi @Rebecca .i need to help 😔day by day i'm going fat & so much waight & my age is 21 .plz give me some tips or suggeation for waight lose & get slim. plz dont forget to reply my ans.i will so much greatfull.thnx

  10. Could you please do a video on how to get rid of back fat

  11. LiLByA22 says:

    hey Rebecca love ure videos!! could you please do a warm up video?!?
    thx xoxo

  12. This one rocks Rebecca. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Anyone have any idea on how many calories these workouts burn?

  14. Diana Landis says:

    does bikini body has special workouts?

  15. Linnea W says:

    Am I the only one who can't sit on my tailbone like that? ^^ It's impossible for me. It hurts and I just can't do it without leaning a little bit to the side. I guess my tailbone sticks out too much or something.

  16. Alicja M says:

    #ifeeltheburnrebecca Another amazing video! <3 I really love your workouts with weights and I definitely feel the burn :)

  17. Lara Nes says:

    I try all these videos but i can Not Be thinner

  18. Can't wait to do this tommmoorrooow🙀😍

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