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YAY Fitness Schedule!!! you fellas have been inquiring to see this permanently so I am tremendous excited that it truly is lastly below! leave any questions about my plan in the remarks & allow me know what other overall health linked videos you fellas want to see!! xo

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WHAT IM Carrying
Operating Shoes – Adidas
Shorts & Major – Permanently 21
Exercise session Mat – Goal

Title: Krewella – Soulero – Split Away
Label Channel:

PO BOX (I am Canadian but my PO Box is in the US!)
2315 Whirlpool Avenue Suite 728
Niagara Falls, NY

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48 Responses

  1. I liked this video 😃😃😀😀

  2. GOLD LEAGUE says:

    did you do this everyday ?

  3. I tried high knees in my bedroom… and my parents yelled at me for being too loud

  4. poppy peace says:


  5. how should we be breathing during dese exercises

  6. Big Bertha says:

    Go lift. Being strong is fucking beautiful.

  7. panda plsss says:

    this is for everyone

    i know that most of us want to loose weight for a reason i do too. But dont let yourself down by saying things you are motivate yourself by a goal and fell good about it! Cause your perfect as all of us watching! I hope this inspired you.

  8. Maya Lanson says:

    I don't like shopping for workout clothes because it reminds me of how fat I am

  9. Corey Young says:

    this has really helpt me I went from 125 to 115 love this work out

  10. Annie W. says:

    thanks for creating these fitness videos, they are quite useful to see! I know you do mostly diys now, but these videos were also really helpful

  11. Who else watches this and thinks " GIRL YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORK OUT YOU ARE SKINNY AF"

  12. Bryn Montry says:

    You make this all look so easy. I'd be like sprawling out on the ground.

  13. You make it look so easy I wish I was as skinny as you 😞😕

  14. Endo Suzette says:

    You are soo adorable Lauren!!!

  15. I just realised she got a thigh gap. OMG after all these years knowing you, now I know you have a thigh gap. I'm a bad subscriber.😔😫😢😥

  16. sorigego says:

    0:57 life goals laugh😍😂❤️

  17. i was literally breathing my lungs out just by seeing her do the ab workout!!!!!!!!

  18. GWF Channel says:

    burpies r so painful but so affective

  19. Lol those exercises are awesome and actually they aren't very hard! Thumbs up from me!!

  20. Those are scissor kicks sweety..thier called scissor kicks they are for abs and actually works the glutes too

  21. you inspire me somuch Lauren!😍

  22. the criss Crissy motion is called sisor kicks

  23. Noor Hammoud says:

    Actually I eat junk after my workout and I don't get SLIM AT ALL 😭😭

  24. can't believe that I am eating Doritos while watching this

  25. Gracie Ogle says:

    I tried this and it wooooooorrrrrkkkk thank uuuu

  26. Anny Kviseth says:

    I know that it is soo long since you uploaded this video, but if you see this, where did you buy those shoes and what is the name for it (expect for Adidas)?? ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!!

  27. Allissa Read says:

    I totally agree with this person I am not a mean person I am just being honest I believe we are all maid the same I am a person who has to work very hard to start slim .

  28. Giahna Bohol says:

    Ever since this video came out i used that abs workout routine and followed it with passion lol but i dont workout regularly except last summer and now i can see daang progress hah abs workout is my fave 4ever thnx to u laur

  29. Mehaa Iyer says:

    where is lauren from? no offence meant but she looks like a mix of asian and something else? help

  30. Just Someone says:

    😓😩 why are you so pretty!?!

  31. haha I just realized I'm commenting really late!! lol*_*

  32. I know it's late. but what the hell do you think your doing dude. U should think before you type because obviously u haven't been doing that. how do u know she doesn't work out it's not like u know her personally.

  33. Aksah Jamil says:

    Ur sooo pretty 😍😍😘I love your videos keep posting!!

  34. Do more fitness routine! i love yours!

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