How to Make Personalized Trainer, Health and fitness & Coaching Data Products Health and fitness information items and information items for particular progress and coaching. If you want to mature your health and fitness or particular progress small business, there is no superior way to do it than to develop information items like on the net coaching packages, online video instruction, audio packages, smartphone apps, membership web sites, instruction programs, ebooks and downloads. Increase your cash flow with these strategies for earning information items. John Spencer Ellis online video instruction.

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  1. Hello Mr. Spencer, my name is Dennis and my site is greatcornerback(dot)com. I'm trying to create a digital info product complete with videos, text, graphics, and (maybe) some applications rolled into one package. I know how create in a physical package (DVD, etc.) but have no idea how to create the digital version that is compatible across several platforms. I ther 

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