Saturday Night Magazine – Episode one: Bikini Types!

A pop society news clearly show with a twenty-a thing point of view. The magazine is a productive print publication with in excess of 300,000 readers on faculty campuses and contracts with significant advertisers, which include the U.S. Army, Helio, YMI Denims, and Geico. See

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11 Responses

  1. bestamerica says:

    ohh noo,,,
    what happen to her 2 punch black eyes on her 2 eyes,,,
    i love her natural eyes, face, lip without a foolish waste makeup chair

  2. Riminished says:

    she is learning how to drive , so this is a kinda hobby … hehehe :-))))

  3. 72ve17 says:

    that girl is acting like a bitch – she can be a great model for all snobbed and gold digger – its their fashion of life

  4. misteriks77 says:

    it's obvious, usa chicks are simply not the hottest girl on this planet. even worse, they are very far away from that ! but have fun there anyway;)

  5. Lol, yeah that really doesn't make them look too smart.

  6. "don't not" double negative. Your probably the only person that caught that little mistake.

  7. b00mface says:

    cleavage enough on the host?

  8. chatomare says:

    such a waste of time it was to watch this

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