Bikini Exercise Songs Commitment Vol.02

New bikini entire body audio exercises commitment, consider these body fat-burning and muscle mass-toning moves to exhibit off your svelte figure on the seaside. Bikini entire body boot camp workout get in shape for summer season 2016.

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28 Responses

  1. что за трэк 3;40 Заранее огромное спасибо!!)))

  2. Mohit Dangi says:

    Might Dangi…hey guys it's the thing that motivate to work hard…love it…

  3. Cora Jones says:

    Damn these girls are amazing!! Women should get motivated not hate. Just what I needed to get me up and work out. Thank you!!!!!

  4. The girls motivation me no protein natural best mod pump bye eveyone people

  5. Flash Bob says:

    NO!!! The music is horrible, but the viedio is great xD

  6. lol @ all these angry women comments. what the fuck did you expect based on the title of the video? NOT babes is bikinis working out? fuckin READ / if your jealous do something about it. it's easy to get offended, it's hard work to look like these chicks.

  7. Jeffery Fuhr says:

    Do you have a music song list?

  8. Is Bu says:

    Nice workout music, but terrible video.

  9. Patrick says:

    Cant concentrate at the workout cause of these booties :0 ;D

  10. Alterno 911 says:

    El video es bueno, la selección de música así como las mezclas son excelentes y las chicas muy guapas, a lo mejor se podría enriquecer con algunas tomas de natación, ciclismo, gimnasia u otro deporte.

  11. Gorre says:

    Haven't heard worse workout music.

  12. what's it name of the first song?

  13. The music is great, but there are TOO many butts and tits shots in the video. Is it really necessary? Greetings

  14. only I got boner not motivation though

  15. Music4Life says:

    The Music is bad and you should feel bad :p

  16. Numix81 says:

    what`s the song @ min. 41:03
    the Fitness Models PERFEKT & AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. On my personal opinion this is not a motivation.I talk about video.Think no need to comment more.
    Generally speaking,motivation need to be for all type peoples.Even for anybody who want's to do something possitive with his body.

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