Bikini Exercise session Music Determination Vol.01

Bikini Human body Exercise sessions, check out these excess fat-burning and muscle mass-toning moves to display off your svelte determine on the beach front. Bikini entire body boot camp training get healthy for summer season.

Observe our greatest Exercise session Music Video :

Many thanks to BikiniModelFitness for Video Footage:

‪BikiniModelFitness: – Build Your Butt with Curtsy Lunges! – Greatest Bikini Product Exercise sessions – 2013 & 2012 – Women’s Six PACK Ab muscles Exercise session!! – Attractive Bikini Unwanted fat Burning Exercise session!! w Vicky Justiz – Women’s Butt Constructing Exercise session for Attractive Booty!

Far more Bikini Exercise session: results?research_question=bikini%20workout&sm=3

Bikini training movies:

Bikini training pictures:

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50 Responses

  1. Hey there, of the countless programs that I have ever used, the only one that made a difference for me was Adams fat code (find it on google). Really the most useful program that helped me shed the excess pounds.

  2. BILL .LIDDIE says:


  3. Nigar I-zade says:

    i like it ! Thank's for this video!

  4. Coskun Kucuk says:

    good songs but playlist please!!!

  5. sumguy1994 says:

    anyone know the name of the girl @ 50:40 ?

  6. Ed Torre says:

    free download music ?

  7. ฝา
    ลบ ละ


  8. Write in name of the video that you are vegan


  9. Rodrigo Empo says:

    Buen Vídeo, creo que esto a los hombres nos da motivación para seguir y tener una chica así 😛
    *Laic :v

  10. anyone know the girl with big butt 33:00 I want to find her excersices

  11. excelente ejercicios para los que trabajamos

  12. Justice says:

    Thank you, it does inspire to keep going.

  13. GFWoodchuck says:

    I love the Bud light commercial before the video.

  14. ManuHernz says:

    Wow! This really motivate my girl and myself. We do aerobics with this music-video on Big Screen! Thanks a sun-sys! Keep on going that way. You've got a new subscriber and a thumb up!

  15. in a paralel universe this is made in burkini, and men bitch about the lack of sexuality in  the video.  if you don't  believe me here's what a user said (  i am a time traveler btw 😉 ) : you know, i don't get why we can't see sexy bodies. i mean, women have bodies right? so how come no one see their bodies? it's transparent….?

  16. Eso ejersicio en bikine son ecelente para el sexo 

  17. stein k says:

    I dont want to judge but the most woman in this video have No clue what their doing (they look nice thoug) but the push ups sit ups etc are done bad.

  18. dead account says:

    I thought it was going to be workout music for girls so they could look good a bikini

  19. Anyone know the name öf the song from 0.00 -2.46 ???

  20. Nice video to exercise.Easy step to follow.Health is Wealth.

  21. Muzik Simidi says:

    Bodybuilding motivation 'girls dreams'  new 2015**

  22. val says:

    these women look amazing makes me want to workout more and look great also, glad im not the only woman with thick thighs even with working out they are thick lol oh well men like it right? I do on my women ;)

  23. Ozgur Yavuz says:

    Where are the names of the songs ?

  24. Sfentami says:

    She has a great body, You go girl!!

  25. ali sider says:

    jivey  taka  che  kato  umresh  i grobarite da  plachat  za teb ççöö..makiöömmçç

  26. Hi, did anyone know the song in 4.01min 😕 

  27. TOOOOOTIGHT says:

    does anyone know who the girl starting at 9:13 is?

  28. this was my longest jack offing session ever.

  29. jay bee says:

    This takes the ladies right to the "Bone-Zone"! The Music is terrible…………

  30. Good motivation 3 fois par jour

  31. Richard Geil says:

    Keep crunching I'll keep watching

  32. MrJneesy says:

    its amazing when women video themselves nearly naked in compromising positions and then are offended when men sexualize them

  33. Drew Chung says:

    watching this and trying to work at the same time is impossible. 

  34. ArtSascha says:

    ♠ ♠ ♠WONDERFUL song ♠ ♠ ♠

  35. ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻WONDERFUL song ☻ ☻

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