five Minute Fat Burning Bikini Work out #ninety one

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44 Responses

  1. carlo T says:

    incredible  body. much work to get to this level. life committed .

  2. kcl060 says:

    Hi Zuzka! I have been following you since the early BodyRock days, and I was wondering if you could show us the workouts that you actually do yourself for a full week to help us start off the new year?  That would be awesome.  Love this workout, by the way!

  3. this woman is insanely hot

  4. morga na says:

    will an elastic band work just as well?

  5. thetank971 says:

    my house just burned down ;)

  6. i have to buy a purse for the Power band.

  7. Ric Pel says:

    Zuzka you're missing a business opportunity, you should be pushing YOUR Zuzkalight power bands.

  8. very efficient use of the band.

  9. Mike D says:

    I know there is no such thing as perfection, but her body is knocking on the door HARD   3:20  yes please

  10. I have a question, your body and your muscles are awesome, but are you reaching your results only with the workouts of your videos or are you training in a gym in addition?
    Because i think it would be hard to gain such shoulders and arms only from a bodyweight workout or i would need to specialize the workouts to different muscle groups to have enough intensity per week to reach your results…
    I would be pretty impressed when your results are "only" from your workouts from your videos. Well these workouts are hard and good and i like them a lot, but i am just curious^^

  11. i love u u very good beautifull

  12. K Nor says:

    Ohh wish there were a multi angle camera on this workout !!

  13. Hi Zuzka, I love your workouts! Just wondering if you take any supplements or recommend any that you find beneficial?
    Thanks so much. Have a beautiful day :)

  14. What is the best way to warm up my shoulders before this workout to not injur myself during side planks?

  15. Zuzka, how come you got such an amazing body? What's the diet secret – apart from training every single day couple of hrs 😀 Love your videos!

  16. julio cesar says:

    treino espetacular excelente.

  17. Dre Buck says:

    Your body is 99.9% Perfect👌

  18. id love to give you a foot massage

  19. Hello Ruska, awesome workout you always show. Amazing, great inspiration.. Where can I get this Power band ? greetings from Switzerland,

  20. Where do I find this power bands?

  21. Sarah Jean says:

    Where can I find your top? Suggestion on the vids for us ladies.. 🙂 Maybe mention the brands you are wearing in the video or even go as far as a link. Thanks for your inspiration!

  22. maripili999 says:

    Solo quería decirte que admiro mucho tu trabajo y tu dedicación.

  23. tcbck says:

    This should be illegal! .! ;)

  24. Cover2Cover says:

    Oh my, these exercises are right on time. I have those bands, yet rarely use them as effectively as you have shown here. This will definitely be part of my workout routine. BTW, you have gotten much more toned with muscle mass, other than your awesome workouts what else are you doing or not doing/eating?

  25. FuLLeFFekT1 says:

    Srsly. Zuzka, you're absolutely STUNNING.

  26. I am almost like want to find those 4 Dislike and take them out of social media !!! who and how they don't like this workout!!! out of your mind!!!

    one reason tho … they might not be able to keep it up with her so that can be dislike lol hahaha

    Nice job girl!!! love your amazing challenges

  27. denise layer says:

    Do you have a favorite sweatband?

  28. shredded but still with curves…incredible!

    did she win any contests?
    4 sure

  29. what a resilient focus – – so proud of you – so thankful for you! you've done it!!! i'm so glad you didn't sign with anyone – they would want to control you and you are so so so excellent – – JUST ZU IT!!!!

  30. Zuzka thank you for this video :-*
    i have many kind of res. bands and most of the time dont know what to do with them, here i get some new ideas 🙂
    did you change something in your daily basics? i notice that your muscles are more visible. great job girl

  31. ChicksFit says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is what perfection looks like!

  32. Kimmy Kitkat says:

    Where can I find those bands! Btw your vids are super great!!!

  33. texabara says:

    Excellent workout and exercises for dry-land swimmer's workouts! Specially for the breaststrokers kick!

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