eight min bikini physique work out! Swimsuit Slimdown Series

Hey guys! This eight moment bikini sculpting work out will flatten your abdominal muscles, perk up your upper body, tone up your shoulders and upper physique, slim your thighs, and carry your booty! It is 4 moves at two min each. Get completely ready for a real complete physique burn up! It is POP Pilates time!

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Cassey Ho is a qualified Pilates and physical fitness instructor, named Greatist’s Leading 25 Wellness & Conditioning Influencers in the Planet alongside Michelle Obama. She is the winner of the “Social Conditioning” Shorty Award and Conditioning Magazine named her their “Greatest Wholesome Living Blogger”. She’s been showcased on Dr. Oz, Further Television set, The Steve Harvey Exhibit, COSMPOLITAN Magazine, Condition Magazine, Females Home Journal, SELF Magazine, NY Situations, LA Situations, and a lot of a lot more.


Blogilates and oGorgeous Inc. strongly propose that you seek advice from with your doctor before starting any exercising software.

You should really be in very good actual physical situation and be ready to take part in the exercising.

You should really understand that when collaborating in any exercising or exercising software, there is the probability of actual physical damage. If you have interaction in this exercising or exercising software, you concur that you do so at your very own threat, are voluntarily collaborating in these activities, think all threat of damage to oneself, and concur to launch and discharge Blogilates and oGorgeous Inc. from any and all statements or triggers of motion, regarded or unidentified, arising out of Blogilates’ and oGorgeous Inc.’s negligence.

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36 Responses

  1. Are you supposed to do the whole playlist at once or to space them throughout your day? Or do you only choose one workout and you're good for the day?

  2. Lizzie Brown says:

    The hardest ones for me was definitely the ankle reaches. My abs are the weakest part.

  3. Wow those up up down downs killed me!

  4. Lydia Barber says:

    January third lets go guys!

  5. Tammy Tran says:

    JANUARY 3, and currently dying! ☺️

  6. Maria21 says:

    It is my first time not stopping even for a second at the 3rd and 4th part!!!!!

  7. Day 3 of January 2017. Whose doing this and the 28 day reset?

  8. Dani Booth says:

    Last time I did this video, I couldn't get through all of it. Now, I can proudly say I can! January 3rd, anyone? 😊❤

  9. Hi Cassey! Thanks so much for this challenge, I'm so excited!! Just wondering, is almond milk or rice milk among the allowed processed foods?

  10. Yoyo Anna says:

    I didn't make the down down up ups… :-/ but it's nice to work out :-D

  11. January 3rd. I can't feel my abs hahaha

  12. Immy Johnson says:

    Does anyone else only feel abs and hips when doing the criss cross legs?

  13. Alanna Brown says:

    I finally did the up up down downs on my toes without stopping! I love this workout!

  14. Leah Alexis says:

    This workout was KILLER good!!!!!

  15. January 3rd anyone? I'm sweating like crazy arrgghhh

  16. Kelly Koh says:

    3rd Dec workout anyone ?????

  17. Gianna V says:

    I love how she just casually talks about the weather and I'm over here dying 😂😂💕💕

  18. julia 1234 says:

    I love this, great job Casey!

  19. It's my birthday can I get some likes please🤗

  20. doing the up down down I felt more my abs, i'm doing it wrong?

  21. M Gengras says:

    What time did you do this its so bright out side

  22. When I do ab exercises like the leg crunches it really feels like i'm straining my neck. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong?

  23. Kyra Jansen says:

    december 6th killed me and I'm not even done

  24. kayla grace says:

    the up up down downs defeated me. when i realized it was two minutes i was like are you human

  25. THIS SLAUGHTERED ME ! The up & downs were the worst. Plus i LOVE LOVE LOVE how you're making these playlists day by day. OMG what a brilliant idea. Today was Day 1 and I'm doing the Dec 6th playlist. Shout to Dec 6th. keep pushing!

  26. TRINITY II says:

    i feel like shes the only workout instructor i trust i love her!

  27. Just watching the intro makes me really scared

  28. December 2016 and I finally decied to get fit here xD SUmmer is RIGHT HERE and I thought it's about time for me to say good bye to my winter hibernation blub xD I AM SHAKING >:OO

  29. Ughhhhhhhh I think I'm going to pass out, but this workout is AMAZING. Up up down downs will be the death of me haha

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