Bikini Overall body Transformation! Get rid of 20lbs of Excess fat Learn the Exercises and Diet Approach Coryn employed to reduce 20lbs of unwanted fat and get into major bikini shape. Property Exercises! No Gear Essential! Super Quickly Outcomes!

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34 Responses

  1. I was told that if you are breastfeeding you can't work out because it could create toxins in your milk. Everyone that I have talked to says it's only for intense works.. So my question is since it's an at home work out, are the work out intense? I really want to start working out but I'm scared about the whole toxins being created in my milk supply..

  2. Great job!!! You look amazing.

  3. I'm so shy to go to the gym and I feel no motivation to do it at home by myself. This girl has the perfect before and after. She wasn't huge or even on bad shape and now she looks soooo good. Is anyone else going to sign up for this…?

  4. you haven't said what you did?

  5. forsteve says:

    You looked great with the curves too, I'm glad you feel better about yourself but either way you're very attractive

  6. RR S2dio says:

    Looking good before and after. Congrats!

  7. jose torres says:

    Well she does t' look like up lose 20 lb . 20 lb is to much she mass be look more fat no way

  8. How did you get rid of cellulite?

  9. she looks great but y get fake boobs?

  10. Jackmed2011 says:

    Fake she is on Internet a long time ago

  11. I knew there was something about her ;)

  12. bubulubu313 says:

    can you share your arm and abs work out plz. you look amazing

  13. turbobenx says:

    I wanna drink her sweat, like a virgin would say….

  14. She changed her last name? Congrats on her getting hitched!

  15. you look good am getting fit to

  16. You look seriously hot before and after, so that's great to know you would look very sexy either way. Nice body though, keep it up!

  17. What's you height? Is this going to work for mothers?

  18. Will this work for women who have had kids?

  19. how many hours did you spend at the gym daily/weekly if I may ask? :)

  20. I'll need this for sure after my baby

  21. Drug Miller says:

    Lol she looked fine before. She was being a little overdramatic. Well you know women…

  22. ant sz says:

    i didnt see anything wrong with before, i mean she looks great now but shewas hot then too!!

  23. yeah you were actually attractive and nice looking when you were 'fat'

  24. Jhony Walls says:

    How much time did it take to get that body?

  25. Follow the Nutrition and Workout plan Coryn used to get into top shape at

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