Introducing the WS Rookies | World’s Top Bikini Types | introduces our rookies for 2015. Get a sneak peek at Kerry-Lee Cousins, Dana Tyne Johnson, Tayla Davis, Mariana Fernandes and Niamh Adkins. you are going to be seeing a whole lot much more of them in upcoming.

Netsport Media Showreel: Shot for Earth Swimsuit SA in Cape Town & the West Coast, South Africa

Types: Kerry-Lee Cousins (Moda Design Management), Dana Tyne Johnson (Entire Circle), Tayla Davis (Ice Types), Mariana Fernandes (Entire Circle), Niamh Adkins (Vision Types)
Cameraman: Kevin Schnider
Editor: Richard Hughes

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  1. Max Payne says:

    They are beautiful. We need more SA

  2. Video beautiful picture nice soundtrack

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