NFE14 Bikini conditioning – 163 cm remaining

Nordic Exercise Expo is the premier conditioning and bodybuilding level of competition in Northern Europe. IFBB Nordic Pro, Nicole Wilkins Exercise Championships and Finnish Nationals are in NFE’s software.
NFE is held at Lahti Exhibition Centre, Lahti, Finland

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31 Responses

  1. Thana M says:

    i feel sorry for these women

  2. Somebody feed those poor girls some chicken soup…better yet some lasagna!

  3. James Curtis says:

    I like number 79, the brunette with the turquoise bikini at 3:00, pretty hot!

  4. james grames says:

    fake boobs and faces like men plus heels and bikini what the fuck is this?

  5. 1:08 She is disgusting. She is a bag of bones.

  6. 아름답고, 건강한 몸매입니다,

  7. 아름답고, 건강한 몸매입니다,

  8. 아름답고, 건강한 몸매입니다 ㄷ

  9. 아름답고, 건강한 몸매입니다

  10. 아름답고, 건강한 몸매입니다

  11. 0:23 (no 72) – perfect female body!

  12. Very good Mi aggrada lo spettacolo. Un bel apparire di spettacolo sul palco con un pèò di movimento e c'è anche un pò di musica di sottofondo. A mi me gusta: tutte molto belle, con un pò di muscolo, senza esagerare tanto più che sono donne. Corpi ben scolpiti con forme armoniose, e cvivaci soprattutto per i colori un pò brillanti e un pò chic nel loro insieme con gli induimenti tipici della spiaggia

  13. soulfulfool says:

    79 ! I think she could be sexy after contest end ofcourse with higher water lvl and more food xD

  14. I'm just a little kid with bucked teeth and a bed wetting problem. But when the girls stick out their butts, I want to stick my nose in their ass like my dog Brownie does to the dog next door.

  15. Weird, not sexy at all to me..

  16. trevorpom says:

    should be barefoot. take the high heels away and all the curves and asses disappear

  17. wth. I couldn't be a judge, hell, they all won..:-D

  18. Ag 47 says:

    I'm not a prude, All these bitches looked hot. But females have no fucking virtue whatsoever. Especially the arching ass shots. They treat themselves worse than any man ever did.

  19. Dakers11 says:

    Really great. Tan skin shows better in lights.

  20. Jack Lewis says:

    @abdelkader ould mouhammad ould tambou

    Did you come here just to say that or to see some skin too?

    It is demeaning for them. But it's their own choice.

  21. Jack Lewis says:

    Has to be 79 or 80 right? I'm gonna say 79 cause 80 had a manly feel to her posing

  22. G0rd0nHealth says:

    The first chick looked like she just walked out of the tomb of king tut. mummified

  23. stupid girl mary you and have a real life

  24. это просто ужас… никакой формы, никакой подготовленности…

  25. В сев Европе не принято жопы качать??

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