Fitness Bikini Presentation, Prejudging, & Last @ Arnold Classic Australia 2016

Fitness Bikini Presentation, Prejudging, & Last @ Arnold Classic Australia 2016

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9 Responses

  1. Victor Leigh says:

    Who is number #4!!!!??? I'm typically not attracted to blondes but this one is the TRUTH!!!! Her body, her smile!!! OMG Not sure about the color of her suit. Though she looks great, I think it hurt her. But her body…DAMN!!! LEGS AND HER ASS!!! Maybe RED, BLACK always looks nice next to blonde hair. I also noticed the European women wear their suits differently, real high on the sides and in the back with the extreme V cut in the front. Sexy as hell!!!!. The on the hip makes their legs look shorter. Thoughts…

  2. gmaneis says:

    I suppose that man adds a touch of grace to the performances as these women walk onto the platform, so it's fine for him to do that, but these people appear to be fully capable of walking up a couple of steps! Just sayin'. They are all magnificent!

  3. Fit girls are really sexxy!

  4. gmund317 says:

    Two words.

  5. camaus20 says:

    SARA SARA SARA!!!! Very nice. You moved up from Arnold in the U.S.!!!! Keep working.

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