2016 INBA Adelaide Classic: Bikini & Fitness Display from GMV BODYBUILDING

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Norwood Live performance Corridor, Norwood, S.A. April 30th-May 1st, 2016

The 2016 MAX’s INBA Adelaide Classic Bikini & Fitness Display was the 2nd of two activities held at the Norwood Live performance Corridor on Sunday, May 1st, 2016.

There had been quite a few extraordinary competitors, and as soon as once more the depth and normal of competitiveness had been exceptional.
The Over-all Champions had been JODIE DOWLING in the Bikini Course and DIOR ANDREWS in the Fitness Products Course.
MEI CAI received the Men’s Fitness Model Open up Course, and JEREMY ALLISON received the Mr Physique Open up Course.

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Get pleasure from more than 4 hrs of wonderful Bikini, Fitness and Physique competitiveness in this exceptional DVD which handles the complete contest from the opening rounds via to the final comparisons, Overalls and awards.

Course Winners: 2016 INBA Adelaide Classic
INBA Angels: Mia Williams
Bikini 30+: Chloe Cui
Bikini forty+: Lena Makris
Bikini Newbie Course 1: Lana Meakin
Bikini Newbie Course two: Toni Jaime Saunders
Bikini 21: Sami Allan
Bikini Momma: Jodie Dowling
Bikini Open up Course 1: Lana Meakin
Bikini Open up Course two: Tegan Olsen
Over-all Bikini Winner: Jodie Dowling

Ms Fitness Model 30+: Dior Andrews
Ms Fitness Model forty+: Sina Hol
Ms Fitness Model 21: Lucy Clarke
Ms Fitness Model Newbie: Dior Andrews
Ms Fitness Model Momma: Dior Andrews
Ms Fitness Model Open up: Tanya Bayadi
Over-all Fitness Model Winner: Dior Andrews

Men’s Fitness Model Open up: Mei Cai
Mr Physique Open up: Jeremy Allison

The Significant Sponsors had been MAX’S and Australian Muscle mass.

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