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Norwood Concert Corridor, Norwood, S.A. September 11th, 2016.

The 2016 MAX’s INBA South Australian Titles Bikini and Conditioning Exhibit was the next event held at the Norwood Concert Corridor on Sunday September 11th, 2016. A significant area of toned bikini and health opponents took to the phase to contend in the premier South Australian all-natural bikini and health event. Plus just one class for Men’s Conditioning Products.

The Total Bikini Champion was AMANDA MORGAN. The Men’s Conditioning Model winner was BRODIE WILSON, while the Total Women’s Conditioning Champion was KAHLI CONNOR.

Get pleasure from just about 4 hrs of incredible Bikini and Conditioning competitiveness in this exceptional DVD which handles the entire contest from the opening rounds by to the final comparisons, Overalls and awards.

The Key Sponsors had been MAX’S and Australian Muscle.

Jogging time: 234 minutes

Angels – Mia Williams
Bikini thirty+ – Melanie Weaver
Bikini 40+ – Angela Boothey
Bikini Amateur Course 1 – Mia Williams
Bikini Amateur Course 2 – Tabitha Dziego
Bikini 21 – Shell Skelton
Bikini Momma – Pia Emili
Bikini Open up Course 1 – Amanda Morgan
Bikini Open up Course 2 – Tabitha Dziego
BIKINI Total – Amanda Morgan
Ms Conditioning Model thirty+ – Kristy Lee Mychalyn
Ms Conditioning Model 40+ – Angela Ruggiero
Ms Conditioning Model 21 – Rhiannon Dick
Ms Conditioning Model Amateur Course 1 – Tanya Bayadi
Ms Conditioning Model Amateur Course 2 – Rhiannon Eglinton
Ms Conditioning Model Momma – Kristy Lee Mychalyn
Ms Conditioning Model Open up Course 1 – Kahli Connor
Ms Conditioning Model Open up Course 2 – Natasha Mitchell
Conditioning Total – Kahli Connor

Men’s Conditioning Model Open up – Brodie Wilson

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