Skip Singapore Bikini Photoshoot “Are living” by Fabulous Aesthetics The finalists of Skip Singapore Splendor Pageant 2013 at their Fabulous Aesthetics photoshoot.

Music: Goin’ Challenging by Bassballah obtainable below Creative Commons ShareAlike license

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31 Responses

  1. sporean why dont you change your name? most of them dont have christian name especially chinese but purposely add to their name..change in the passport please MF

  2. Aiman Putera says:

    I believe there is 4 person in this video are come from Muslim family. I only hope they're realize what they're done.

  3. why chinese like to put fake when register in is not even in passport most of the times..please change your legal name please

  4. Check out Singapore Bikini Girls Sun-bathing Caught by Female Security Guard

  5. Wow fantastic womens ! Pure beauty. Congratulations from here Brazil. Kisses Miss

  6. is it just me or what ? for some reason i think the lighter skin Sing. women looks more like Vietnamese than chinese.

  7. Day yum says:

    Dafuq? The name is sabrina alim that should depict a righteous girl obviously, but haihhh. The end of the world is getting nearer by day

  8. hey you all fuckers pig get out don't talk rubbish asshole in here…if you think they are a hooker ,you all is a rapist fucker…go to hell!

  9. kelly bez says:

    just shut up, they are not naked and don't watch this video if you don't it!

  10. bob nizar says:

    what vincent said is true only whores would parade their bodies to public…cheap

  11. Vincent Neal please mind your language … Just shows how low you are by the language used so redeem yourself from being a whore for goodness sakes. Didn't your mother taught you any manners?! Lol

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