Torrid Swimwear | As well as Size Within the Dressing Room

Torrid has sooooooo numerous beautiful swimsuits available in retail outlet! This is a few a single pieces as perfectly as higher waisted bikinis that are just Beautiful! I purchased two but needed them ALL.

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  1. 08anonima says:

    How are you a plus size? How? I don't get it, you look really "normal" to me, I'm really thin, flat everywhere, you are a taller than me I'm 5'7 by the way, so I look at you and you have everything where it has to be so I don't get it, you are gorgeous.

  2. ANR N says:

    The first suit is SO awesome on you. I hope you bought it.

  3. Mia Noel says:

    You looked great in all the swimsuits. It would be really helpful if you could say the sizes for reference. I'm also a size 1 and it would help when ordering online. Thanks! Also I think i'm your 500th subscriber 🙂

  4. dominatrix pinup looked so good. fit great. u better hav bought it

  5. hi new sub! can you do a hair video

  6. I own the skulls with roses mini skirt set from last year. I wore it to take pictures but not yet outdoors. I think the skirt that you tried on looked less like a swimsuit cause of the black and the fabric choice. I feel like the wallpaper one had some questionable color choices. The blue hearty one looks amazering on you. That black one would look great for any swim occasion if you get what I mean. I really dug the striped skirt because it added so much style effortlessly.

  7. Suse V8 says:

    You rocked every suit ~!~  The striped skirt was truly exceptional 🙂 Have Fun,  and Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. You look amazing in all of these! Except of course the granny table cloth. Lol

  9. Taylor Steed says:

    I actually ordered the criss cross top and bottoms to match! I'm super worried it won't fit

  10. Nerdy Belles says:

    I loved the strappy black sets! I can't wait to look at swimsuits this year!

  11. Wow beautiful! I don't have a torrid close to me !!💔💔
    Love it

  12. "Turn up at the club"😂. You looked cute in it!

  13. you look amazing and have a lot of balls to wear a bathing suit. you go girl

  14. You looked incredible in everything,especially the retro one!!!

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