FIBO Energy Pro 2011 – Bikini Health and fitness Design Vergleiche Finale – Best System Nutrition

FIBO Pro 2011 – Bikini, Vergleiche – Best System Nutrition

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23 Responses

  1. The very nice video and very very very a nice body.

  2. Jaime Torres says:

    that shorty looks good. im in love. she the winner

  3. gabinoso says:

    WoW ! The number 4 guys ! the number 4.

  4. says:

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  6. Does fitness bikini modeling pay well?

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  9. Suvo Saha says:

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  10. At the very least, this look is attention-getting, look at the view count. Yes, the self-tanner can be overdone, but it is needed for most on stage. I know an African-American competitor and even she uses it to help her stand out. Regardless, they look spectacular, and most of them continue to look incredible off-season. Some weight-resistance work is KEY ladies; with it, you can look similar to these competitors.

  11. Jay Tsay says:

    Sometimes when one tans or put too much bronzer on, it can actually a negative effect concerning displaying the muscles on the body. These Europeans in general are more than tan than American competitors. I felt No# 3 had the best tan but that girl in the yellow was way too dark.

  12. Rubie Chase says:

    And y was jesus brought up? lmao

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  14. Golden Boss says:

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