2017 St. Patrick’s Day Bikini Contest

Ultimate round from the Winner’s Circle 2017 St. Patrick’s Day bikini contest from Florida. TBA bikini designs places on yet another good party. Make sure to show up at the annual famed 2017 Cinco de Mayo contest this year!

The TBA Bikini Models

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23 Responses

  1. Number 2 Jordan hands down had the prettiest face & best bubble butt…I'd cuff

  2. bruce akins says:

    9-11 (get it numbers 9 and 11) its going down like the towers 9-11 call the coppers . bars

  3. I'd like to see more of Jordan. Does anyone know her last name?

  4. hittman says:

    I respect any husband or bf that encourages their girl to do stuff like this lol

  5. bgasman says:

    wow, i'm still love this bikini contest!

  6. theultrazp says:

    won the hottest and my fav

  7. enzo amorei says:

    jordan is my choice because she is sososososo fuckin sexy.. her asss is sooo well-rounded

  8. number 9 should of one she was the hottest in my opinion

  9. #1 Whitney might have the best rack and she knows how to use those hips. A keeper.
    #2 Jordan is just adorable, best body tone
    #3 Kari, great proportions, nice smile, very nice.
    #4 Nicol…I mean Megan McCain? What's she doing here?
    #5 Monique will be playing the part of skinny girl but playing it well
    #6 Cassandra, possibly the best legs
    #7 Monica is the Irish lass with a toned ass
    #8 Devon(?) just overall great, sleek, nice rack for her age
    #9 Amber is like a bomb going off, honestly. Big fake tits but wow. Killer even with filler.
    #10 Melissa is practically perfect but man is she in a hurry. Doesn't wanna be here.
    #11 Jasmine may have eaten Monique. That's not entendre, that's a call for the cops.
    #12 Bridget…ask me about my daddy issues
    #13 Allison…ask me, too.

    I would have picked the same four for finalists. Not a loser in that bunch.
    Can't even argue with the final ranking. Jordan might have had the best bod but Amber and Jordan had more stage personality.

    This was fun, more please!

  10. what a wonderful World! (Y)

  11. MrBopeel says:

    Wow. Nicole (#4) put on some weight. She still looks hot, though.

  12. Wonderful girls! I Think all got right places fuck yeah!;)

  13. shiloh beria says:

    Bummer Amber lost, i dont agree with this one at all,

  14. adrian sims says:

    #4 #9 #13 ass specials ! BBBBOOOOOO at the end on who won.

  15. jaguarjaonzz says:

    OH Yeah N°4 Nicole and N°11 Jasmine (She's back ?!) YUmmyyyyy i like them like that

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