Bikini ads: Mining firm defends use of bikini designs in PR due to the fact ‘sex sells’ – TomoNews

TORONTO — A advertising movie by a Canadian mining firm featuring bikini-clad designs is building waves in America’s Hat.

The movie, posted to KWG Resources’ YouTube page, functions Theresa Longo and a girl named “Ashley.” The movie is part of a series identified as “Mining Minutes,” which was developed by Longo. It promotes the Ontario mineral deposit Ring of Fireplace.

Longo and Ashley are wearing bikinis in a variety of scenes all through the movie, which functions numerous vertigo-inducing transitions, and it’s this that is irked many of Canada’s politically correct and delicate forms.

Responding to the criticism, KWG President Frank Smeenk informed the CBC that “sex sells.” He also mentioned it’s a way of applying social media to arrive at a complete new technology.

In accordance to her web site, Longo is an intercontinental model and strategic marketing and arranging expert. Reacting to the media coverage, she wrote in a Facebook put up that she “loved” the publicity generated by the movie.

“No one particular made use of made use of as props, or informed us to make this one particular moment movie and we weren’t even attempting to be captivating!” Longo mentioned.

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26 Responses

  1. frank horny says:

    Sex sells! Let's book a threesome soon! Naked.

  2. TheIrongutz says:

    I'd love to work with these wonderful women in the mining industry…you should see what we have now, ugggh

  3. And what is wrong with the video? There are other companies that attract people with worse adds and nobody screams like this guy that posted this video…


  4. now that's a Corporation, f*ck pandering to these sjws twats

  5. Awsome good to see, they are out to win the hearts and minds of people.

  6. TheCrossboy says:

    when canadians aren't saying sorry you know shit's gone too far

  7. DankMemes says:

    So apparently people never see women with bikinis

  8. grrrindz says:

    Fking Canadians . they are retarted . only thing good out of canda from the last cent is only gingerale and justin bi. AND THAts about it. Canada is like the mexico of the north.

  9. You know that the only people offended are the self important, entitled, fat cankled, wide assed, cellulite covered Hilary KKKlinton type libtards.

  10. Chris Davis says:

    Whats wrong with bikinis people wear those all the time in public

  11. You will never meet an SJW miner. Miners are useful, contributing members of society.

  12. Skip Bayless says:

    The only people that are offended by this are fat bitches, Feminazi's and trannnys. Oh it's true it's damn true.

    I'm glad that the company is fighting back.

  13. This is how every company should react to SJW attacks.

  14. Eric Blake says:

    wtf why tomo think all white bitch look good 4

  15. WTHbuddy says:

    This is the worst human exploitation I've ever heard of. The only thing that almost comes close is if they were paid next to slaves wages to work all day in a mine and have their lungs rot out after 5 years. Or safety standards were ignored causing a mine to explode and collapse trapping 100's inside. (Sarcasm of course)

  16. girl English speak or Canada?????!??

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