Bikini Design Abs Work out!!! From Household!

Want Alluring Bikini Abs? A Flat Tummy? 6-Pack Abs? a Strong Main? Try this bikini stomach house work out. It acquire a little far more then ten minutes and will develop some terrific results.
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36 Responses

  1. cu decalango says:

    amazing video very hot very sexy . thanks

  2. Great workout routine. Whats your post workout meal??

  3. Tiana Davis says:

    Yay did it! Viktoriya Justiz is my favorite model!

  4. wendell707 says:

    Vicky rules, the number 1 Model

  5. im glad u ask this question because i want to only lose belly fat too no where else

  6. I want har workout routine!:O she's perfect

  7. Clifton100 says:

    I like the thumbnail to this video. :-))

  8. marvin TNT says:

    Vicky looks like Dania Ramirez from Devious Maids.

  9. Great workout!! will incorporate this in my routine! Thanks!!! 🙂

  10. cedric smith says:

    Keep it straight all the time

  11. J1.92c says:

    The only reason why I subscribed to this channel is because of Vicky. 3
    ..hopefully one day I can get the chance to met her in person. 🙂
    Have a blessed day! from L.A california.

  12. maddoglcl says:

    I am moving to miami bcus of u! lmao

  13. Tie up your hair. 😉 I will do this tomorrow morning.

  14. Hythrall F says:

    Great workouts, she might want a hair tie next time.

  15. Bry Back says:

    i LOVE YOU VIKIIII do you have an instgram?

  16. fist82 says:

    How do I meet Vicky Justice?

  17. scobla says:

    Viki, do you have an account in twitter?

  18. Weight training: Squats, Lunges, curtsy lunges, etc. And eat a healthy diet, no soda. That way you keep muscle mass while losing fat.

  19. RedDimen says:

    I just started working on my abs a day ago. I only interested in losing my stomach but I heard u can't spot train. How do I lose my belly fat without losing weight everywhere else?

  20. Üfff i Never can do this , Iam shattered of just watching you how can i go it Then ??? Make some Easy exercises Lol

  21. How much more sexier do u wana get vicky… damnnnnnnn. Loll ;-);-)

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