Bikini Design in Fish Guts | Concern Variable Added

Former Australian bikini model goes for a dip.

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DISCLAIMER: Concern Variable stunts were built and supervised by skilled professionals. They are incredibly risky and really should not be attempted by anybody, anyplace, anytime.

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10 Responses


  2. Ezgi B says:

    I'd rather to this than anything involving spiders or bugs

  3. I think it is fine just water and fish I would do it

  4. Jaydon Billy says:

    I should not have ate during this I barfed on my friend who's a girl my Girlfriend.

  5. I'm one of those people that would watch ones like this and be like "Oh that's not even bad" then go on the show without watching anything else and have to do stuff like the cow heart one

  6. this isn't even that bad wtf, i'd so do it.

  7. Siesie Ray says:

    This challenge isn't even bad. I would totally go on it!

  8. Michelle V says:

    I dont want to go fear factor

  9. ashley sings says:

    It's not that bad it isn't even dangerous

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